If you don’t have a plan in place starting on day one, let us help. We’ve got a slew of ideas to inspire and challenge you – 31 to be exact – for every day of the first month of the new year.

1. Yoga your way


In case a yoga class with baby goats isn’t your speed, options to achieve a divine spark include sunset yoga on the beach or a pre-dawn meditation with Tibetan bells. Namaste and peace out.

2. Adopt, don’t shop

puppy adoption

The feel good adage in pet rescue rings true 365 days of the year. Adopt a kitten, puppy, or better yet, a senior pet. Give a deserving animal a second chance.

3. Interior design 101

interior design

Isn’t an apartment redux on for 2019? You watch all of the interior design shows and devour magazines that tell you how to replicate something expensive for less.

4. Color your world

living coral

Wearing black is your uniform, but how about a pop of color? FYI: “Living Coral” is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year.

5. Purge stuff

donation bin

Power sort and dump all that’s piled high in your closet or locked in the storage space you pay extra for every month. Ditch it and be ruthless.

6. Plant a vertical garden

vertical garden

Have garden envy? You, too, can get your green thumb on. Apartment dwelling shouldn’t deter that. Create a vertical garden on the terrace or patio.

7. Cook from scratch

cook from scratch

Satisfying and yummy, try a make-at-home meal delivery service with all the fixings, or do it 100 percent from start to finish by yourself. Make enough for leftovers.

8. Indulge and escape

massage and spa

Ever wish you could just check into a fancy schmancy hotel for one night, have a killer spa treatment and indulge solo? Now’s that time.

9. Spice it up a little

salsa dancing

Let the fiery rhythms of salsa music heat up the night. Go dancing with a partner and zest it up.

10. Strum a tune

acoustic guitar

Get the guitar you’ve been drooling over and hire a teacher with cred. Plenty of musicians have gigs at local clubs and teach people just like you, too.

11. Catch up

night with friends

Haven’t hung out together in awhile? Missed celebrating a milestone birthday or a big promotion? Grab some time to enjoy being a friend.

12. Ancestry check

ancestry check

Do a deep dive into your roots and ancestral lineage. Uncover long-lost family through data banks or see what a DNA swab reveals.

13. Stop the madness challenge

woman relaxing on couch

If you can’t disconnect from your phone for 24 hours, try this – Stop using your phone as an alarm clock, remove excess apps and don’t check your email during lunch.

14. Take the stairs

taking stairs

Swap out the elevator ride one flight up (or more) to add some cardio to your day. It’s a good thing.

15. Podcast and commute

man listening to podcast on train

Got the blues from commuting? Podcast fandom might help. Listen to everything from politics to true crime, fantasy football and more.

16. Say “yes!”

yes on a beach

Let’s all agree to just stop saying “no.” When you’re invited out to do just about anything, say “Yes!” Make it part of your yearlong happiness path.

17. Random act of kindness

random act of kindness

Often, it’s the smallest of things or something unexpected. These moments help boost your immune system and make you feel more connected, too.

18. Pay it forward

fast food line

When a good deed is done on your behalf, it’s not about paying it back. Instead, pay it forward. A simple gesture of generosity is all it takes.

19. Shop ’til you drop

woman with shopping bags

January is historically the time to shop such goods as holiday gift wrap and décor, exercise equipment, TVs, linens, video games, winter clothing and sports gear.

20. Adventure seeker


Day trips aren’t just fun, they’re often thrilling. If you’re in a winter wonderland, go skiing. Near an ocean or bay? Go scuba diving, snorkeling or backcountry shallow-water fishing.

21. Gallery walk

art gallery walk

The newest art enclave is having a happy hour gallery walk and the neighborhood is hot with the latest buzz. Food trucks dot the pavement. Sounds like a date.

22. Take a coastal drive

coastal drive

Revved up? A road trip – especially if there’s a coast involved – is as perfect an excuse as any to get behind the wheel.

23. Be one with nature

person enjoying nature

Put your phone in airplane mode. Now breathe and take it all in. Isn’t the beauty of the great outdoors grand?

24. Eat breakfast for dinner


This is a simple treat that’s so very comforting. Have a full breakfast for din-din. An omelet, crispy bacon and toast? Yes, please.

25. Play board games

board games

You’re never too old to have some competitive fun. Many of the new versions of childhood favorites offer nostalgia and laughs for anyone ready to roll the dice.

26. Go nowhere

watching tv on couch in pjs

Sleep in. Stay in your PJs and hang at home. Take a nap, binge-watch TV or do anything else that doesn’t require leaving your apartment.

27. Crafting fun

diy greeting cards

Set aside time to do what you like best. Craft greeting cards for upcoming 2019 birthdays to celebrate friends and family with one-off cards made by you.

28. Furniture frenzy

rearranging furniture

Rearrange your living room furniture. Replace pieces with finds from a flea market or add a mid-century couch table you can’t live without.

29. Learn how to “X”

learning to surf

Fill in the “X” as you like. Do something you’ve dreamed of – it might be one of the reasons you live life more fully in 2019.

30. No chores allowed

dirty dishes

Nix that pesky “to do” list. Take a day off from cleaning and doing laundry, dishes or anything else that’s always a chore.

31. Lean in to love

couple with pink hearts over eyes

Valentine’s Day hits the calendar soon. Make a plan now to find love with a little assist from Cupid.

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