Fun Ways to Exercise Outside This Summer

For those of us who love a good workout, exercising outside is one of summer’s simplest joys. A walk around the block or a jog in the park can be delightful, but once in awhile, it’s a good idea to break away from your exercise routine to try something new. There are plenty of fun ways to exercise outside that can refresh your attitude toward breaking a sweat.

Skateboarding and Rollerblading

Come on, ’80s and ’90s kids: You know you used to love these fun and challenging sports. Now that you’re a grown-up, it’s time to recall these skills and put them to the test. Cities are great for skateboarding and rollerblading, as they provide a variety of places to experiment. Experienced athletes know how to maneuver across stairs and down railings, but you’re going to want to start slow: A quick jaunt down a quiet street is probably your best bet. The average adult female can burn about 230 calories per hour skateboarding, and about 400 calories rollerblading.

Stand-up Paddle Surfing (SUP)

If your city is located on the coast of an ocean, bay or large lake, exercising outside can get particularly fun. Have you ever heard of stand-up paddle surfing? This unique sport originated in Hawaii, and involves standing up on a surfboard-like plank while rowing yourself forward using paddles. This intense workout requires both a lot of balance and strength, so you really work your abs, back, shoulders and arms. Getting tired and hot? Simply jump off your board and take a quick dip in the water!


We all know that biking to work is a growing trend in most large cities, but did you know that in addition to being an engaging and exhilarating way to commute, it is also ridiculously good for you? A study released by the European Journal of Epidemiology noted that physical activity tied to commuting is positively correlated with cardiovascular health. Concerned about your waistline? Depending on the intensity at which you cycle, you’ll burn about 300 calories per hour riding your bike.

Outdoor Yoga

Talk about fun ways to exercise outside! Yoga is known for its happiness-inducing effects already, but plenty of yoga studios are taking it up a notch and offering rooftop yoga classes. Whether you’re into Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha or another school of yoga, you can probably find a rooftop class in your city. Can you imagine starting your day at yoga, watching the sunrise over the city skyline? We can’t imagine that could ever be the start of a bad day. Better yet: If you live in a waterfront city, check around for beach yoga classes that allow you to flow through salutations as the sun peers over the horizon.

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