Apartment living has many advantages like the opportunity to easily make friends nearby. But, you don’t know all your neighbors. Having packages delivered to your apartment while you aren’t home can make anyone uneasy. If you are expecting a valuable package you may be asking yourself, ‘Where can I have a package delivered?’ There are some options to give you peace of mind when it comes to package delivery.

Talk to your property manager

If you have an on-site manager in your community, ask if they hold packages for residents. It is a common service offered by management. Make a note in your shipment that if you are not home, the package can be delivered to the management office. This is a good option because if you can’t pick it up during business hours you know it is being kept in a secure office. The delivery person will likely try your apartment first, then take your parcel to the office if you are not home.

Require a signature

If you are having a package delivered to your apartment, you always want to make sure it requires a signature.  If your package is delivered to the wrong apartment the signature will make it easier to find it again.

Ask a trusted neighbor

If you have a neighbor that you trust living nearby, see if you can arrange package delivery with them. You can pick it up at the neighbor’s after you get off work. You’ll know your parcel is safe in their apartment until you arrive.

Tracking numbers

Try to get a tracking number on each package you have shipped to your apartment. This way you can track the date and time that the package is delivered. What if you come home and your package isn’t at your door? You can let your manager know the date and time that the package arrived and your landlord can look through the camera footage for that timeframe. Your package may have been delivered to the wrong apartment by accident.

Pick up the package at the store

If requested, most shipping companies will hold your package on site for you. If they can’t hold it at the retail location nearest to you see if you can drop by a shipping location.

Rent a PO box

If you have important packages delivered to you regularly consider renting a post office box. You can easily have your packages delivered to your PO box and pick them up at your convenience. This also offers added security since only you and the post office can open your PO box.

When you are expecting an important package, safe secure package delivery is a top priority. You need peace of mind and that’s understandable. There are several options at your disposal next time you find yourself asking ‘Where can I have a packaged delivered?’