Laundry: What Should I Hang-Dry?

Aside from the obvious energy savings, hang-drying your laundry definitely has benefits. From improving the longevity of your clothing to reducing your carbon footprint, you should consider hang-drying your laundry.

How should I hang-dry my laundry?

Most apartments don’t allow you to dry your clothes outside, so you’ll need a dedicated indoor space to dry your clothes. There are plenty of options available for drying your clothes indoors, or you can always use your shower rod. If you’d prefer to dry clothes outside of the bathroom, investing in a sturdy hanging laundry drying rack is a great place to start. You can buy racks made from different materials, racks that fold up for easy storage, or ones that are easily attached to a wall or door frame.  Find one that fits your budget and available space.

Remember, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the spaces you already have around your home – shower rods, door frames, or clothing laid flat on a towel over furniture. Take a look around your apartment, there may be a few hidden places for you to hang-dry clothes indoors or to place a laundry drying rack.

What laundry should I actually hang-dry?

Always check your labels, but some clothing materials will last longer when you hang them to dry instead of putting them in the clothes dryer. Items made of polyester or spandex can start to stretch and break down when dried on high heat settings. Denim, though known for durability, will wear down faster or possibly shrink when consistently dried on a high heat setting. Other items, like wool or delicates, should also be laid out or hung to dry.

It really is safe to hang-dry just about anything. Sheets, towels, cloth diapers, cloth napkins, etc. are all safe to dry on the clothesline or clothes rack.

Why should I hang-dry my laundry?

The biggest reason to hang-dry laundry is to save money. For example, clotheslines or clothes drying racks are much cheaper to buy than a new dryer, plus your energy bill will decrease with less use. Using the sun (either outdoors or indoors)  to dry clothes is great for disinfecting items without bleach or other chemicals. Clothes also smell fresher when they’re dried on a line or rack since you won’t be using heat or chemical-laden dryer sheets during the drying process.  When your clothes are hung up to dry, they aren’t smashed up in a laundry basket for days on end – saving you the time and energy of dealing with wrinkles. There are obviously plenty of good ideas for WHY you should try hang-drying your laundry!


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