3 Ways to Hide an Ugly Carpet in Your Rental

When it comes to these finishes, landlords may not replace things such as the carpeting often due to the cost and labor involved. So, if you have ugly carpeting in your rental, you’ll unfortunately have to live with it. Luckily, we have a few ways that will help you hide the ugly carpeting and hate it less.

Layer area rugs

area rug

Many people don’t consider the option of layering rugs over ugly carpets, but it’s a great option to draw the eye to something much prettier. To do this, you’ll want to pick a large neutral rug and center it over the ugly carpet that needs a fresh look. After that’s in place, you can top it off with an additional area rug or two that are a little busier, perhaps with patterns or textures to spruce the place up a bit.

There are no design rules when it comes to spicing your own place, so play around with different options and set some rugs on an angle, or overlap a few. Layered rugs are on trend right now, so have fun with it. By the time you’re done, you’ll have layered rugs over your ugly carpet and people will hardly notice it’s there anymore.

Draw the eye up

accent wall

If you have an ugly carpet situation, we recommend focusing on other surrounding areas of the unit. If you’re allowed to paint the walls, this will help draw your eye up to the wall, instead of down to the offending carpet. Painting your ceiling is also a great tactic that can distract a lot of attention from an ugly carpet.

Other ways to change your surrounding environment include adding texture. Throw in a wire side table or metallic pouf to create texture and liveliness in the place. Adding fun decor and texture will create a distraction from the ugly carpet. The main goal is to draw people’s eyes away from the floor.

Call the professionals

carpet cleaning

Maybe you don’t want to do too much design work or put a lot of thought into enhancing your ugly carpet situation. If this is you, consider just getting the carpet professionally cleaned, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in awhile.

A professional clean can go a long way. Dirty carpets can look darker because it collects so much dirt and dust over-time. Although cleaning won’t change the overall style or color of the carpeting, it will at least improve the condition. And when in doubt, a clean carpet is better than old, used and dirty.

Stay positive, you’ve got this

As a renter, ugly carpeting can be a nuisance since it covers so much of your space. By implementing one of these options, you’ll make it more appealing and less noticeable.

Remember that you can also always ask your landlord to change the carpet ahead of time, but more times than not, you’ll probably be stuck dealing with the ugly carpet due to the cost of replacing it.

Just keep in mind that it’s a rental, so do what you can with what you have and don’t let it affect you too much.

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