DIY Holidays Money & Finance

09.27.2017 | 2 Minute Read | By Kari Lloyd

That first holiday commercial will hit your TV screen before you know it. If the thought of shopping makes you tremble with fear for your bank account, homemade Christmas gifts can be a great way to gift everyone on your list.

There’s no need to wait ’til the last minute. With a little planning, you can have those gifts made and ready to go before that Thanksgiving turkey even has a chance to get nervous. Then you can relax and really enjoy the holiday season!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for homemade Christmas gifts:

Homemade Jar Mixes

Not only are these jars easy to make — they’re easy to store in a cupboard until you need them. Try buying jars in packs of 12 or more to save on cost, or even check out IKEA for deals.

Peppermint Brownie Mix

These brownies from I Heart Naptime (via are perfect for getting your loved ones or co-workers into the holiday spirit! Just layer up these jars, decorate, and include an instructions tag!

DIY Mason Jar Gifts

Still not sure how this whole Mason jar present thing works? Get four different recipes from Brittney from Sanchez Family of Two!

Pasta & Bean Soup Mix

When it comes to inexpensive yet delicious jarred mixes, this soup is king. Take a look at the recipe from Taste of Home and whip up a few of these to help keep those on your list warm on a cold January night.

Flavored Liquors

Who doesn’t love a tipple around the holidays? If you’ve got friends or family who love their cocktails, it’s easy to create unique flavors that make perfect homemade Christmas gifts. You don’t need to use the best booze for this either, as it’s going to be flavored. Now that’s savings you can savor!

Check out this masterclass in making tasty, boozy treats. Best thing is that you actually need to do this ahead of time, then just simply pour into a pretty bottle and decorate. You’ll be giving Santa a run for his money.

11 Ways to Flavor Vodka

Homemade Ornaments

Not only can a handmade ornament decorate your recipient’s tree this year, but it can also make an appearance for years to come. Making these homemade Christmas gifts might seem daunting for the novice crafter, but these are easy enough to even get the kids involved.


They’re cheap, and with a lick of paint and a little creativity, they can become elves, reindeer and even a pretty snowflake. Take a look at HGTV’s tutorial on how to create this unique homemade Christmas gift, and Pinterest is also teeming with ideas on how to make the most of this exceptionally inexpensive gift idea.

Pinterest-Inspired Gifts

Again, Pinterest can be your personal best friend when it comes to homemade Christmas gift ideas. We love the tutorial video by TheMissAllieCakes on YouTube which gives a walk through of 5 of the cutest ideas.

Does the thought of the holiday season approaching fill you with dread? How are you planning on sticking to your budget? Get social with us and share your best ideas!

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