Cleaning your house is one of the most time-consuming chores we have and often, it doesn’t get done on the regular because you have so many other things going on. If you hate cleaning or just don’t have time for it, you’ve probably considered the possibility of hiring someone else to do it for you.

After that, you probably immediately thought, “How much does a house cleaning company cost?”

Though the price can vary slightly, we’ve done the research for you.

What you need

One of the biggest factors to determine the cost is how much they’ll be expected to do. The base rate for house cleaning is usually somewhere between $50 and $90 per hour.

The basics will typically include:

  • Dust wooden surfaces
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture
  • Wash floors
  • Empty and clean trash cans
  • Clean and disinfect all kitchen surfaces and appliances
  • Clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces
  • Deodorize the bathroom
  • Clean mirrors

However, you may require additional services that aren’t included like cleaning the oven and appliance interiors, washing windows, wiping walls and baseboards, providing furniture treatments or even packing/unpacking services.

On top of what they’ll clean, you may request they use specialized methods or products. Some people may want eco-friendly products or have special requirements based on allergies. These requests may increase the rate. Pets will also most likely drive up the cost.

You’ve probably heard people joke about cleaning up before the maid gets there but there is a bit of truth behind it. If your house is cluttered, cleaning floors and countertops might not be possible. If you hire a house cleaning company on a flat-fee basis, they probably won’t pick up your clutter. But, if you hire a house cleaning company on an hourly basis, they may pick up your belongings increasing the time it takes to get the job done — ultimately increasing the total cost.

The size of your home

Larger homes will obviously take more time to clean. Even if your house cleaning agreement is based around a flat-fee instead of an hourly rate, your house size will play into the cost of the services.

Small apartments typically don’t take very long to clean but house cleaning companies still charge a minimum fee for the trouble of sending an associate to you. To offset some of these costs, many house cleaning companies offer group rates when multiple tenants of the same complex or community hire a house cleaner on the same schedule. If you know any of your neighbors that are looking into hiring a house cleaning company, consider signing up for an apartment cleaning group rate if one is available in your area.

How often they come

Another contributing factor to the total cost of hiring a house cleaning company is the frequency at which you’d like them to visit your home.

A weekly house cleaning is ideal for people with full schedules, but a bi-weekly or even monthly professional house cleaning can make a difference in freeing up some of your time. It’s also important to note that many services will offer discounts on their going rate if you opt to have your house cleaned more frequently.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash