New Year Decorating Series: How to Decorate a Coffee Table

New year, new coffee table curated by you.

The new year brings fresh opportunities, especially when it comes to decorating. It’s important to ensure your surrounding space, down to the smallest of details, reflects your vibe and personality for the year ahead.

When approaching your living room decor, start by redecorating your coffee table. Oftentimes, coffee tables serve as focal points for living rooms and learning how to decorate them according to your personal style is an exciting venture.

Often overlooked, the coffee table is a highly influential piece in our homes that can really be elevated with thoughtful decor. After giving this article a read, you’ll know for certain that a coffee table is not just a mere surface for placing mugs and magazines; it’s a canvas that speaks volumes about you. your style and your unique interests.

How to decorate a coffee table, by personality

Think of your coffee table decor as an insight into who you are, your style and your personality. Think, if this is someone’s first time seeing your home, what do you most want to portray about yourself and your interests? That’s how you’ll want to decorate the coffee table.

Browse our curated ideas and see which coffee table styling speaks to you. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee table decorator or a novice with no style in mind, we have coffee table decor ideas for everyone. Don’t believe us? read on.

a round coffee table is accompanied well by books especially a reader

Book nerd’s haven

If you find your peace in a good book, let your coffee table reflect that same passion. Pull a couple of your favorite covers from the past or a few of the books you’re currently reading and arrange them in the center of your coffee table. Add a pop of color with a vase of fresh flowers and a fun bookmark or two. Add a pair of your reading glasses to add even more personal flair.

The Swiftie sanctuary

For the avid Taylor Swift fan, let your coffee table serve as a make-shift (dare we say make-Swift?) shrine for your favorite musical muse. Display the Time Person of the Year magazine as a coffee table book, perhaps with some records next to or underneath it for added variation. Have a few old T-Swift CDs? Those will make effective and theme-friendly coasters so long as you aren’t a collector trying to maintain pristine packaging. Add a scented candle with some vintage matches to embody vibes created in some of her recent albums.

coffee tables can be decorated creatively like this glass coffee table with wine

Wine connoisseur’s tasting corner

For self-declared sommeliers, let your coffee table reflect your hobby with a bold display. On a metallic tray, place your favorite bottle of wine, two or three wine glasses and some assorted nuts to create the ultimate tasting experience. Add chic coasters to complete the ensemble, ensuring your coffee table is always ready for a refined evening of wine appreciation.

Chill coffee-drinkers retreat

Coffee table decor is of course, for coffee drinkers. Opt for a minimalist approach, to mirror the chill vibe coffee drinkers need when enjoying their morning, midday or early evening cup of joe. Think of a round tray with a scented candle and a magazine or two to peruse. Keeping it simple is best when going the minimalistic design route.

match your wall art with books from your books from your favorite interior designers on your coffee table

Art enthusiasts’ display

If curating aesthetics is your passion, this coffee table styling is right up your alley. Stack some coffee table books from your favorite designers or artists alongside any decorative boxes or artsy trinkets you have on hand. Painting some coasters to go next to this artistic display even furthers the unique look and adds a personal touch to your coffee table surface.

Traveler’s adventure hub

For those consumed by wanderlust, turn your coffee table into an inspiration for your travel desires. Fill a tray with items that represent your dream destinations or show off places you’ve already been to with things like globes, creations from local artisans, postcards and even travel-themed candles with scents inspired by faraway lands.

coffee table decor in your living room should feel lived in, and plants help curate that feel through their natural color palette

Plant parent’s oasis

Creating visual interest with greenery is a perfect way to spice up your coffee table decor. To style your coffee table the natural way, create a mix of flowers and smaller potted plants, like succulents. Natural elements help to create a soothing atmosphere, adding even more value to even a small arrangement on your coffee table.

whether you choose a few books, round tray, pillar candles or coffee table books, decorative objects that speak to your personality are best for your living room coffee table decorating ideas

Creativity is key when it comes to coffee table decor

While our curated ideas provide an avenue to downright gorgeous coffee table decor, the possibilities of this small space stilted on four legs are endless. Your coffee table is a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch, so feel free to mix and match elements that resonate with your individuality. Experimenting and creating a unique, individualistic space will not only impress your guests but also tell your story to all who sit down around your table.

Still looking for the right ways to showcase your personality and tastes through decor? Find the perfect place in one of our available apartments today.


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