As someone who lives in an apartment in the Windy City, I know how chilly it can get during winter. My windows and doors tend to let in much more cold air than I would like. Even though there may not be cracks in the windows, there still seems to a be a draft.

Of course this not only forces me to wear six sweatshirts, it also causes my energy bill to be much more expensive than I intended.

If you’re experiencing the same issues, there are ways of insulating your windows so that they stop letting in that cold air, and you can spend money on things other than bills.

Here’s how to insulate windows for a warmer apartment:

Use Fabric

You can use rolled up fabric, otherwise known as draft snakes, and place them near the bottom of your door and on your window sills. This prevents the winter weather from entering your home. If you can sew, you can even make your own.

Hang Insulating Drapes

The drapes you hang from your windows can help keep the cold air from escaping into the rest of your apartment. Contrary to popular belief, the thickness or heaviness of the material doesn’t make a difference in the way of effectiveness. You’re going to want to look for Velcro or magnets that can be used to make sure there is no space between the wall and the drapes.

Apply Plastic Film

Head to your nearest hardware store and pick up a window insulation kit. Don’t worry, they’re inexpensive. This essentially shrink wraps your window so that no chilly air is let in. The film sticks to the glass and is stretched across the entire window to block drafts.

Before you apply the film, make sure to wash your windows so that no dirt or debris is locked onto the glass. Allow the glass to dry before applying the adhesive backing. Don’t put the film on all at once. Instead, begin at the top, making sure to eliminate any air bubbles. After the film is in place, you can use a small knife to cut any excess material that’s not on the window. It should be fully stuck on your window after about a half hour.

Use Rubber Sealing

You can save money on your energy bill by making a visit to the hardware store and purchasing rubber sealing. All you have to do is cut strips of it and stick it to the window frame to prevent any drafts from sneaking in.

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