Well, obviously that’s an exaggeration. But, in many parts of the U.S., the heat can be quite unbearable. This heat oftentimes combines with less-than-perfect cooling systems in apartments to create really uncomfortable living conditions during the summer.

If you’ve found yourself desperately asking how to keep your apartment cool, chances are you’re willing to try just about anything.

We’ve got a few tips for you – some quite simple and some more involved – that will be sure to help you beat the summer heat.

Hack your apartment to keep cool during the summer

There are, of course, practical steps that you could take to make sure your apartment is optimized for cooling. These might seem like common sense, but they can be easy to forget and every little step really makes the difference.

Start by closing all the blinds. We all love natural light, but it may have to be reserved for cooler months if you get desperate. Take it a step further and install some blackout curtains.

Another super simple step to keeping your apartment cool is closing the doors and vents of any unused rooms or spaces. By doing this, you’re virtually shrinking the amount of square footage in your home that your air conditioning unit is responsible for cooling.

If you have ceiling fans in your apartment, they may be doing you a disservice. Did you know that the rotational direction of the blades should change seasonally? Flip the small switch on the head unit of your ceiling fans to ensure they’re spinning counter-clockwise. Otherwise, you’re just pulling down hot air from near the ceiling.

Lastly, counteract your hot showers and the heat from cooking by turning on exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen.

Cool your body while cooling your apartment

One of the most commonly-forgotten ways to stay cool in the summer is by cooling down your body instead of your living space.

Applying a cold compress to pulse points can help cool your body very efficiently. Pulse points are areas of your body where blood vessels are near the surface of the skin. This allows you to easily feel the pulse of your heart beating, but it also lets you cool your blood and in turn your body.

Additionally, certain foods like greek yogurt and cucumbers are known to cool your body. Starting from the inside out is a great way to stay cool in the summer months.

Get in bed with these ideas

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when you’re hot and uncomfortable.

You could take inspiration from the Egyptians who for centuries have used a method that involves sleeping on top of a damp sheet to stay cool while falling asleep.

Another great bed additive is talcum powder. Sprinkled between bed sheets, talcum powder can help keep your bed dry and cool. If you’re wary of talc, there are plenty of talc-free powder options.

A cool and comfortable apartment is within reach

If you live in a sweltering region, you’re probably fed up with the summer heat. Hopefully, you now have solutions if you’ve found yourself asking how to keep your apartment cool.

Take the steps that you can. Some require minimal effort and some are more involved. Every action will make a difference, though!

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