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12.15.2018 | 1 Minute Read | By Melisa Raney

Right! Go ahead and let go of the possibility of just telling your toddler not to touch the tree. They can’t not touch it. It’s ingrained in their little toddler DNA.

kid grabbing onto tree

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney

Even though the no touching rule isn’t going to work, you can do a few things to prevent your child from getting hurt – or risk losing those sentimental ornaments.

Place breakable decorations out of reach

Anything breakable goes well beyond their little grasp. This may make your tree less aesthetically pleasing, but at least you can still enjoy them without risking injury. This mom has the right idea.

ornaments high up on tree

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Cover the electrical outlet

Young children have a serious obsession with unplugging the lights on the Christmas tree, which is super dangerous. And incredibly nerve-wracking for their parents. Need a solution? Try a weather box outlet cover. This way, they can’t open the box and unplug the lights.

Fence it in

Putting up a small fence around your tree can be a good line of defense. Some parents suggest buying a few small fence panels from a hardware store. Or you can use baby gates to set up a perimeter around the tree.

tree surrounded by a fence

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Create a barrier with fake presents

Another way to keep your toddler safe is to wrap up a few empty boxes and use those to block off your tree. Most guests probably won’t even notice the “present’s” intended objective.

fake presents blocking tree

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Avoid dangerous decor

That perfectly decorated, color-coordinated Christmas tree might have to be something that’s packed away for a few years until your toddler is a little older. Some decorations could be toxic, sharp or a choking hazard.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says parents should avoid using trimmings that are breakable, small or that resemble food.

Having young children in the house doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the season. Quite the opposite, in fact. You just have to keep them (and your ornaments) safe. As with everything, child-proofing is a must during the holidays!

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