Getting organized and ready to move into a new pet-friendly apartment can be stressful enough, but when you’re moving with your dog, it can also be complicated. Dogs are easily affected by changes in their environment or routine, so it’s important to do everything you can to make the process go smoothly for your furry friend.

To keep your best friend calm during the big move, make sure you follow these helpful moving tips to keep your dog happy and stress free:

Before the Move

Moving Tips for Dog Owners - Before the Move

Before you begin the process of moving, work with your dog to make sure that he or she understands that they will be coming with you to the new apartment. You will also want to visit your dog’s veterinarian to make sure that he or she is healthy and all shots are up to date.

Reinforce obedience commands, and try to maintain your dog’s regular schedule as much as possible while you prepare to move. You may also want to consider hiring a pet sitter (or asking a friend or family member) to watch your dog while you’re in the process of moving, rather than putting them in a crate.

During the Move

Moving Tips for Dog Owners - During the Move

As you move to your new apartment, you may want to put a calming collar on your dog or apply dog appeasing pheromones (DAP) to reduce his or her anxiety level. You will want to be sure that the car transport and crate are as comfortable and familiar as possible, and reserve a room in your new apartment to keep your dog in while he or she gets acclimated to the new environment.

It’s also a good idea to keep familiar toys and treats nearby. If possible, move your pet last so he or she will be greeted by familiar scents in your new apartment.

If you feel that it will be difficult to keep your dog limited to a crate or one room during the moving process, you may want to look for a local pet sitter to take care of your dog. DogVacay is a helpful website to find safe and affordable dog sitters in your area.

After the Move

Moving with Your Dog - After the Move

As you’re getting settled into your new dog-friendly apartment, there are a few things you can do to help your dog get acclimated and reduce his or her stress and anxiety levels. Before letting your dog enter the new apartment, take him or her for a 30 minute walk.

Once you reach the apartment, keep your dog in one room for a day or two while he or she gets acclimated to the new environment, and make sure everything your pet will need is nearby. 

Your dog will likely be ready to explore the rest of the apartment after a day or two. Try to keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible so he or she can see that nothing has really changed. Following the above moving tips will ensure a stress-free move for you and your furry best friend.

How do you keep your dog happy during a move?

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