How to Make Your Apartment More Homey

Everyone wants their apartment to feel homey because it helps them become comfortable in the space. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple touches to transform a room from cold to cozy. Here are a few ideas:

Get a Rug

You can add color and pattern to any space in your new apartment by laying out a rug. This feature is especially important if you have hardwood floors, as they can often feel cold—in terms of both temperature and ambience. You’ll also protect the floor from scratches by buying a rug.

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Choose a rug that matches the rest of your apartment decor, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Every piece doesn’t have to match perfectly. For example, you can mix patterns that have similar colors, which is perfect if your apartment has a lot of neutral tones. A beige chair with branch patterns will look great with a rug of the same color featuring leaf designs.

Hang Curtains

Your apartment probably came with blinds, but the space will feel homey if you install curtains. Consider getting two sets, one for summer and one for winter. You’ll want heavy fabrics during cold weather to trap the heat generated inside the apartment. Sheer curtains work great in warm weather because they protect against the heat of the sun, but maintain an airy feel.

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Curtains can be used as a pop color in an apartment with neutral hues and it’s an easy way to upgrade your color scheme. For example, add blue pillows and curtains to a white apartment for a beachy look.

Install Better Lighting

Changing the lighting in your apartment will instantly affect the mood. Be sure your lampshades are cream or amber so that the fluorescent bulbs beneath are filtered through the color to produce a warm glow.

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Use holiday light strands to design a light fixture that is both for illumination and decoration. Use cord nails to hang the wires in interesting patterns or line the string up along a door frame. Use LED strands that have a yellow or white tint.

Invest in Emotive Pieces

If when you’re out shopping you spy a piece that captures your attention, listen to that gut instinct and purchase the item. It could be a Japanese vase, vintage coat hook or large mirror—it doesn’t matter. If the piece speaks to you, it will make your new apartment feel more like home.


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