08.08.2018 | 2 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

Over the past few years, cheap studio apartments have exploded in popularity, especially with millennials.

Recent graduates who are just beginning their careers, young individuals looking to save on living expenses and new transplants to the city are all snatching up cheap studio apartments.

But, what about those who want to have a classy pad while enjoying the affordability of a studio?

Follow these tips to turn your cheap studio apartment into your little slice of paradise.

Your biggest challenge is the size

No matter the size of your studio apartment, there are steps you can take to make it seem bigger.

One of the most proactive measures you could take is to physically designate certain areas of the studio for specific activities. Try using open bookshelves, furniture, rugs or even hanging curtains to block off the “bedroom” and “living room.”

When arranging your furniture, think about your natural flow through your apartment. Set up your furniture according to what makes the most sense to you. Keeping pathways clear around your space can make your apartment seem larger.

Focus on the details

Now that you’ve thought about the overarching elements of your cheap studio apartment like traffic flow and furniture arrangement, you can focus on adding details that make your space feel like home.

Artwork is a super-simple first step towards cozying up your space – plus, it can be really affordable. Look at second-hand stores, thrift shops and markets where local artists will be vending to get some of the best deals.

Pro tip: A large wall mirror can make your apartment feel bigger.

Another seemingly small detail that can actually make all the difference: mount your TV on the wall and get it out of the way.

Houseplants offer another option for improving the look of your apartment while simultaneously adding in some health benefits. Fresh greenery inside can improve your mood and adds oxygen to the room – plus it looks great!

Fix your “curb appeal” even if you don’t have a curb

Whether your front door faces a hallway with other renters’ apartments or an outdoor space, you can take a few steps to make your entryway more luxurious.

On the outside, some great additions are a welcome mat or a seasonal wreath on your door.

Right inside your door, place a floating shelf for keys and other important items to make the space feel more like a home. A coat rack or hanging hook is also a great addition if you live in a part of the country that experiences cold weather.

Making your entryway a priority can help you feel relaxed from the moment you arrive at your front door.

Your cheap studio apartment doesn’t have to feel cheap

Living in a cheap studio apartment definitely comes with some decorating challenges.

But if you keep these tips in mind, you can easily turn your 500-square-foot pad into a more welcoming, inviting and luxurious home.

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