Luckily, you probably won’t have to make an extra trip cross-country to get the lease to your future home signed.

Signing a lease long distance is easier than ever with email and other digital technologies. Some leases can even be signed with digital signatures, so you can do everything right from your computer!


One way to get your lease signed remotely is to have your future landlord email you an unsigned copy. Make sure to read the lease thoroughly and take the time to discuss with your landlord over the telephone any questions or concerns you may have before you sign it.

When you’re comfortable with all of the lease’s terms, print the lease, sign it, scan it back in to your computer and email the signed document back to your landlord. Or, you could send the signed copy back to your landlord by good old snail mail.

Digital software

Another great tool for signing a lease long distance is digital signature software. Digital signatures can offer landlords and leasing agents ways to efficiently have documents signed by tenants who may not be available to make an office visit.

With these types of software, landlords can require certain parts of a lease to be initialed so their future tenants acknowledge every important area of the contract. And, thanks to the E-Sign Act of 2000, digital signatures are indeed legally binding just like regular signatures.

Another benefit of signing leases with digital signature software is that these programs always send updates of changes to both parties, so nothing is ever lost in translation.


Some apartment complexes also offer an online option directly through their website. Much like the digital signature software, you can sign the lease, initial any important clauses and sign it digitally. Once you save the signed lease, it’s stored in their database and is legally binding.

Digital leases also alleviate the task of keeping up with a paper copy that can easily get lost. If you ever need to refer to your lease for any reason, you can hop online, scan it quickly and find what you’re looking for.

If your future landlord doesn’t yet offer digital signatures, ask them to! He or she likely wants the lease signing process to be as efficient as possible for all parties, and might embrace using digital signatures as eagerly as you would.

Hunting for apartments is stressful enough, so don’t worry yourself further about getting your lease signed! Email and digital signatures are easy ways to get a lease signed from long distance, and landlords and leasing agents are almost always happy to accommodate the needs of their future tenants.

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