How to Use the Minimalist Game to Reduce Clutter

With the onset of the new year, you may find yourself ready to make a lifestyle change at home. Some of us will dedicate ourselves to improving our physique, others will strive to work harder at their jobs or school and others will focus on tidying up their home.

If you find yourself in that last category, we have a game for you that will make it a lot easier. It’s called the minimalist game.

What is the minimalist game?

The minimalist game is a challenge created by well-known minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. The game is a fun way to challenge your friends and family but also do some good in your home along the way! Just keep in mind, you can play the minimalist game with as many people as you want to, but when more participants get involved the game gets harder and harder to win.

The minimalist game is a 30-day challenge but can be ended earlier if all participants give in before 30 days. The challenge gets harder and harder each day. On day one of the minimalist game, all participants must identify one thing they could live without and get rid of it. Then, on the second day, participants must do the same with two items. The game continues like this for either 30 days or until all participants have given up.

For the day’s challenge to count, the item or items have to be removed from your house and your life entirely by midnight each day. What you do with the items, however, is entirely up to you. Some items might deservedly end up in the trash but others can be sold, gifted or donated!

Why go minimalistic?

Whether you do the challenge with coworkers, family or friends, the minimalist challenge is a great way to declutter your life. But, you might be wondering what exactly the benefits are.

The list of reasons are endless. Minimalism can help you save money, reduce your environmental impact and clean less frequently. Minimalism is even recommended as a part of the practice of Feng Shui. Practicing minimalism is an easy way to keep our houses and lives clutter-free. Not only does a clutter-free home look nice, it helps make your day-to-day life a lot smoother.

Do you think you’re up to play the minimalist game? It seems easy at the beginning but as the challenge goes on, it gets considerably harder. Just halfway through the minimalist game you’ll be getting rid of 15 items in one day!

The minimalist game isn’t easy but if you stay dedicated, it can be very healthy for you and your home. Consider giving it a try! After all, even if you don’t make it the full 30 days, you’ll have made some efforts towards decluttering your home.

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