Hygge: The Hottest Trend During Cold Weather

While it doesn’t have an equivalent in English, hygee (pronounced “hoo-gah”) loosely translates to a lifestyle centered around coziness, comfort and contentment.

Hailing from Northern European nations like Denmark, hygge has perfected how to actually enjoy the long winter days by thoughtfully transforming surroundings and mindset. The essence of the practice lies in the details that make your space feel like home.

Getting rid of all unnecessary clutter to ensure every item you have helps you feel cozy, content and ready to relax. The upside is that creating a space perfect for hygge also fills your space with trendy decor, from chunky knit blankets to fancy candles.

With a few easy tricks, you can create a cozy haven ready for relaxing and Instagram!

Living area

living area hygge

Main living spaces offer tons of opportunity to layer textures, making it a perfect area to make headway with your hygge. Find accents in a similar color palette to keep the design cohesive (winter whites will always be in style!) but in different fabrics.

Oversized knit blankets and accent pillows, fleecy throws and fuzzy rugs will all go a long way in upping the cozy factor. Floating shelves are also perfect for keeping coffee tables uncluttered while showing off pictures, mementos and even hanging plants to add a little green into the room.

Lighting is a major element of hygge and soft lights will always create the right mood. Let your style guide you and find several smaller types of lights instead of just one main source, which can be harsh and not particularly relaxing. Floor lamps are great, table lamps even better and decorative string lights would be key for both ambiance and Instagram.


bedroom hygge

While smaller than the main living area, bedrooms are also ideal spaces for focusing your hygge efforts. Bedrooms specifically illustrate the side of hygge that prizes true relaxation and rest.

Start your efforts by making sure your mattress is ready for quality sleep, which can be a higher ticket item to replace. But there are tons of affordable mattress options online to keep costs manageable. Your naps and Netflix binges will thank you. Pile on pillows in different soft fabrics like silk, knits and jersey to nestle into and remember that soft lighting is always hygge’s best friend.


kitchen hygge

Companionship and gathering friends together is another huge part of hygge. Odds are that guests will gather in the kitchen whenever you host any event, no matter how far apart you spread snacks around your space.

Keep clutter to a minimum and stash any large appliances out of the way if you have the storage available. Create a fun, laid back atmosphere with appetizers to share, anything you can to do to make your guests feel at home while hosting holidays or just celebrating the weekend!


bathroom hygge

Getting cozy might mean lounging on a couch or cocooning in bed, but consider a self-care splurge in your bathroom. Face masks, bath bombs and soft lighting like flameless candles can do a ton to help melt stress away, or warm you back up after walking in the latest polar vortex.

Hygge can help you get to spring with a bit less stress and help create a home you want to come back to no matter what season it is.

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