12 Incredible Hacks to Cool Each Room in Your Apartment

We know the summer months can be brutal in many parts of the country. But it’s not just people in the desert or the Deep South looking to find ways to keep their digs cooler.

Not all the rooms in your home have the same purpose, so the best ways to cool them will not be the same.

Here are different home hacks you can use to keep each individual room cool.

The kitchen


The kitchen is often a major source of heat, which makes keeping cool nearly impossible. Between the stovetop, oven, toaster and any other number of cooking appliances you may have in your kitchen, there’s some serious potential for heat in the kitchen.

For keeping cool in the kitchen, you have a few options:

  • Run the exhaust fan over your stove: Even if you aren’t using the oven. The fan will move hot air out of your entire apartment.
  • Move the cooking outside: What says summer more than grilling? There are a ton of delicious recipes you can make on the grill — even if you’re vegetarian or vegan.
  • Use a box fan: Properly placed fans can help move hot air out of your home and cool air into it.
  • Skip any appliances that put out heat: There are plenty of meals that can be cooked without running an appliance for more than a couple minutes — or at all!

The bedroom


While the bedroom isn’t necessarily prone to heat like the kitchen, it’s a room that you’d probably prefer to be cool. Sleeping in a cool room isn’t just comfortable, either. It’s actually good for your physical and mental health and helps you get a better night sleep.

  • Change your sheets: Different fabrics have different levels of breathability and wick moisture in different ways. Some are designed specifically to be more conducive to a cool night’s sleep.
  • Put a fan in the window, but facing outwards: This will actually help move hot air out, especially if you run a ceiling fan at the same time.

The bathroom


The bathroom is usually where you go to freshen up after spending too much time in the summer heat. But when your bathroom has a tendency to bet hot, it’s hard to get any relief. Don’t worry, though. There are steps you can take towards keeping cool in your bathroom.

  • Replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs: LED light bulbs have a surface temperature that’s around half of a comparable halogen or incandescent bulb. Though not as drastic, LED bulbs are even cooler than fluorescent bulbs.
  • Upgrade your exhaust fan: You’ll have to ask your property manager about this one first. Exhaust fans in the bathroom are meant to remove hot, moist air created from bathing or showering. If yours isn’t doing its job, look for one with more cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacity. For bathrooms 50 square feet or less, you need 50 CFM. For bathrooms larger than 50 square feet, go for 1 CFM for each square foot.

The living room

living room

As much as we love natural lighting in our living spaces, they’re often the culprit of extreme temperatures in the living room during the summer months.

  • Install blackout curtains: The Department of Energy says that heat-reducing curtains can eliminate as much as 33 percent of heat gain in a room.
  • Hang a wet sheet in front of your windows: You might think this would add to the humidity, but the moisture will actually help cool your room as the breeze blows through it.
  • Put a bucket of ice in front of a fan: If you don’t have the windows to create a cross-room breeze, simply create your own with fans. If you put ice in front of them, you’ll get an even cooler breeze.

The basement


Basements are often a problem area during the summer because of how hot they can be. This is especially troubling if you live in a basement apartment.

  • Run a de-humidifier: Since basements tend to become humid and moist, they can feel warmer than the rest of the house. De-humidifiers will help the space feel cooler and will also protect against mold and mildew threats.

Take it room-by-room and keeping cool will be a breeze

You can’t expect to cool your whole home by doing something in only one room. That’s why it’s so important to address undesirable factors across every room in your home.

Keeping cool is a huge part of being comfortable at home, and as such, it’s very important. If you follow our advice, you’ll likely notice a more comfortable and cool home right away.

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