A child’s room is fun to decorate: there are so many ideas to choose from and creative ways to personalize this space. Wondering where to get started? Try some of these kids bedroom ideas.

The space saver

If you have kids sharing a room, space-saving furniture is one of the best kids’ room ideas: it prevents a room from looking cluttered. Ideas have advanced well beyond the bunk bed. You’ll find pull-out beds with built-in desks and play areas. With a little search, you’ll discover lofts. Creativites has some great ideas to get you started.

Make it ok to draw on the walls

If your lease allows you to paint the walls, chalkboard paint is a great way to go. If your child loves to express his or her creative side through art and drawing, consider covering an accent wall with chalk paint. Your child will have an outlet for expression and an eraser makes daily changes easy. Petite and Small has some great designs to inspire you.

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Keeping it clean

Parents can feel like keeping a child’s room clean is an ongoing struggle. For whatever the reason, many children prefer to have everything on the floor in chaos. Organization is the key for a quick clean-up. But you’re hardly bound to storage boxes or wire shelves: you can keep it cute. 2Sharemyjoy has several storage ideas you can easily incorporate into your kid’s room. Get out your favorite washi tape and let your creative juices flow.

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Encourage your kids to read

Reading nooks are a great complement to any kid’s room. These spaces encourage reading by creating a cozy space for children to curl up with a good book. Petite and small has some great ideas to get a reading nook started for your kids, an inspiring space that makes them look forward to reading.

Enjoy the night

The night sky is a beautiful sight and there are many ways to bring it into a child’s bedroom design. Offbeathome has many great ideas to get you started. Blackout curtains and soothing night lights (including those that splash stars across the sky) will also encourage sleep.

Decorating your kids’ rooms really allows creativity – theirs and yours – to shine through. Enjoy the process . . . and the results!

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