IKEA is a great place for renters to shop because the furniture is sleek and affordable, but purchasing your apartment décor at this mega warehouse also means that neighbors, friends and family could have those exact pieces. Learning to IKEA hack can help you create the perfect centerpiece in your apartment while staying within a tight budget. With a bit of creativity, paint and a few tools, no one will ever know that your furniture is from IKEA.

Whether you are in the market for new furniture or are just looking to repurpose an old piece, IKEA hacking will add a bit of pizzazz to your apartment. In addition to making completely customizable furniture, you can make things that are much more practical for your lifestyle.

You can do anything from slathering on a new coat of paint to creating almost an entirely new piece of furniture with what you have. After you’ve picked out furniture, you should plan out what you want from the IKEA hack. Maybe you’re just looking to add style, or you’re in the market for a convenient storage solution. Here are some great ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Coffee Table

Chances are you have or have had the LACK coffee table. This inexpensive, but über plain piece is a staple in virtually every college and post-grad apartment. With its simple lines and straightforward aesthetic, there are countless ways you can hack this piece. For example, you can purchase a few two-by-four inch pieces of lumber, wood stain and wood glue to create a rustic, yet chic coffee table. For this IKEA hack, all you do is glue the wood pieces to the top of the table and stain them. No one will ever know this elegant new coffee table cost $20 at IKEA. You can also repurpose the table with paint, fabric or even lace!


Another popular IKEA item is the Expedit shelving unit. This cubical storage center can be used for books, records, movies and decorative items like picture frames. But you can also turn a small unit into a wine rack. With the addition of under-cabinet drinkware holders and 4-inch PVC pipe cut to a length of 12 inches, you can have a contemporary and totally unique place to store vino.


IKEA dressers are also great pieces to hack. With the addition of new drawer knobs, a coat of paint and maybe some molding, you can turn a simple dresser into a vintage-inspired one.

Have you done an IKEA hack? Send photos to social@rent.com.

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