Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Eco-Friendly Apartment

“Wolf of Wall Street” star Leonardo DiCaprio is proving that you’re never too famous, rich or good looking to stop caring about the environment. This studly star just threw down $10 million to buy an eco-friendly apartment in Greenwich Village in New York City.

To many, going green means recycling, using Energy Star appliances and taking shorter showers, but to Leonardo DiCaprio, being friendly to the environment means a few other different things as well.

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His apartment isn’t just friendly to the Earth, it’s also great for Leo’s health. The NYC Delos building prides itself on wellness, and actually has amenities that boost human health. This apartment has more amazing functions than you could ever believe.

Let’s take a look at all of the more-than-impressive amenities that Leo enjoys on a regular basis:

Reflexology Pathway

His new digs feature a reflexology pathway constructed of stones—a walkway that stimulates the soles of the feet, massaging away tenderness.

Fresh Produce

Leonardo DiCaprio's New Eco-Friendly Apartment - Kitchen

Normally, you and I have to head to the farmers market if we’re in the mood for some fruits and vegetables or freshly baked goods. But Leo has fresh local produce delivered right to his eco-friendly home so that he’s always stocked up. He then uses all of those fruits and veggies at his built-in juicing station.


You can be sure that Leo’s apartment always smells enticing, with aromatherapy scents consistently pumping into the apartment. Not only does it make the air smell divine, it enhances mood.

Heat-Reflexology Flooring

Leonardo DiCaprio's New Eco-Friendly Apartment - Bathroom

Imagine flooring that supports your posture. Well, Leo doesn’t have to imagine—his apartment has it. These health-conscious floors in his bathroom are paired up with a 14-jet Jacuzzi and a vitamin C-infused shower. These showers have a vitamin C filter to eliminate chlorine and promote healthy hair and skin.

Ultraviolet Light System

Leo doesn’t have to worry about polluted air inside his apartment. An ultraviolet light system wards off harmful airborne microbes and irritants.

Dawn Simulation

No matter the time of day, Leonardo can sleep like it’s the middle of the night. His apartment comes with blackout shades to completely eliminate light in the bedroom. The shades then gradually increase lighting based on an alarm for a gentle wake-up.

With this grand apartment, Leonardo is helping out the environment and staying healthy at the same time.We just have one question for him: When can we move in?


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[Image Sources: The Residences at Sixty-Six East Eleventh Street]

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