Finding Pet Friendly Apartments [Infographic]

If you are looking to move and are searching for pet friendly apartments, you may run into some problems along the way to finding your dream rental. Roughly 83% of apartment dwellers say it’s difficult to find a place that accommodates both themselves and their four-legged friends, but there are a few things you can do to comfort your landlord and prove that your dog or cat won’t cause issues.

Apartment Hunting with Pets Infographic

Here are some tips for renters who are looking for pet friendly apartments.

Renters Insurance

Finding Apartments that Allow Pets [Infographic] Get Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance is always a smart thing to have because it protects in the case of a flood or fire. Pawnation suggests getting renter’s insurance in advance of moving into apartments that allow pets because it shows a new landlord that you have the means to pay for any damage that your pet may cause, and that you are taking the initiative and being responsible.

Get a Recommendation

Finding Apartments that Allow Pets [Infographic] Get a Recommendation

You know that your pup isn’t going to chew away at the walls, but your landlord is completely unaware of your dog’s behaviors. If you took Fido to obedience school, have a dog walker, a neighbor who puppy-sat, or take him to the dog park on a regular basis, you can ask one of the people that regularly interacts with your dog to write a recommendation.

You can also ask your former landlord to write a short letter regarding the behavior of your dog and the condition in which your apartment was left. You can consider asking your new landlord to do a pet interview if he or she is still wary–about 14 percent of renters do this!

Offer to Pay a Deposit

Finding Apartments that Allow Pets [Infographic] - Offer to Pay a Deposita

Most landlords or building owners will discuss a pet security deposit with you, but if you bring it up at the first sign of wavering, you will show confidence in your animal. Pet deposits will generally be a couple hundred dollars, but that money is all worth it in the end if you don’t have to give up your furbab​ies. They are family, after all!

Prepare a Resume

Finding Apartments that Allow Pets [Infographic] - Prepare a Resume

No, you aren’t trying to get your pooch a job! A pet resume is a great thing to have on hand, because it allows you to keep track of all medical care, certifications, and breed information. If you have a hypoallergenic cat because you are allergic, and your landlord is worried about others with similar allergies, this is a great thing to show him or her. Additionally, your new landlord may want to know the size and age of your pet.


Finding Apartments that Allow Pets [Infographic] - Documentation

Always make sure to take photos of your apartment pre- and post-pet. This is especially important if you are paying a pet security deposit. It could be worth it to take photographs of your current apartment to prove to future landlords that your furry friend didn’t cause any harm. You should also make sure that you have all agreements in writing, and keep the documents in a safe spot.

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Finding Apartments that Allow Pets

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