The Most Crowded Cities in America

You expect big cities to have busy streets, lots of businesses and crowds. Lots of crowds. But when you dig a little deeper, this stereotype isn’t always accurate. It seems the largest towns aren’t always the most crowded cities in the country.

Finding the most crowded cities

It all comes down to population density, which looks at the number of people living per square mile. The higher that number, the more crowded a city actually is.

We looked at every city with at least 10 square feet of land, and a population of over 50,000. We then divided that number by each city’s land area to find the population density. It may come as no surprise that New York City appears on our list. But some of the other most crowded cities might surprise you.

10. Berkeley, CA


  • Residents per square mile: 11,591
  • Total Population: 121,363

Once a hub for hippies, Berkeley today offers an inviting vibe that’s all-inclusive. There’s plenty of culture, art, entertainment and education. It also doesn’t hurt that the weather is almost always amenable to spending time outside.

Situated across the bay from San Francisco, this crowded city still manages an intimate feel. Home to the University of California Berkeley, it attracts plenty of college students, who maintain the city’s vibrant and eclectic scene.

With plenty of diverse and distinct neighborhoods, you’ll have options when picking the perfect place to live in Berkeley. Expect a one-bedroom to average out at $2,044 per month, in rent.

9. Newark, NJ


  • Residents per square mile: 11,658
  • Total Population: 282,011

With only a 15 minute commute into New York City (on public transportation), Newark is an affordable alternative to living in The Big Apple. You have easy access without the high rent costs.

Its proximity to the “big city” isn’t all Newark has going for it. The city holds its own as both a college town and a thriving community. Big industries in the area include finance, law and healthcare. There’s also opportunity in academia, with Rutgers University – Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology within city limits.

Residents love to come together to celebrate everything from nature to culture to the arts, and there is an endless list of things to see.

Living in Newark means paying about $2,143 on average for a one-bedroom apartment.

8. Philadelphia, PA


  • Residents per square mile: 11,812
  • Total Population: 1,584,064

History, art and a modern vibe commingle in the streets of Philadelphia. With such a rich story, living here puts you in the same space as our Founding Fathers without trapping you in the past. A welcoming city for young professionals and families alike, the City of Brotherly Love offers up plenty of green space and no shortage of restaurants and bars. You can devote an entire day to exploring the piers along the Delaware River, snap a picture in front of the Liberty Bell or run up Rocky’s famous stairs.

Living in Philadelphia isn’t as expensive as you’d think. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you $2,152 per month, on average.

7. Chicago, IL


  • Residents per square mile: 11,835
  • Total Population: 2,693,976

Whether you call the city home or live out in the suburbs, Chicago has plenty of neighborhoods worth exploring. Living in the Windy City means plenty to see and do. Walk along the Chicago River in the heart of the city or stick to the shops on Michigan Avenue. Shoot into the burbs and check out Northwestern University’s campus. Sit in the stands in the iconic Wrigley Field and enjoy a true Chicago Dog.

Chicago offers so much activity that you’ll never run out of places to go. Although it’s easy to keep busy, the city offers a more laid-back feel than other large urban centers, you just have to prepare for the snow (and the cold.)

With over 70 different communities to live in, and excellent public transportation, you’ll easily find an affordable place to call home, but expect rent to average out at $2,232 for a one-bedroom apartment.

6. Santa Ana, CA


  • Residents per square mile: 12,186
  • Total Population: 332,318

One of Orange County’s many attractive and appealing cities, Santa Ana, is a community with heart. Sitting beside the Santa Ana River, watery views are different than those closer to the coast, but none of the locals are complaining. With an artsy downtown area, Santa Ana pays homage to the past while honoring today. Museums sit beside funky art galleries and relaxing sidewalk cafes.

For a truly unique sight, take the whole family to the Discovery Cube Orange County. This structure is the most recognizable in the city as it’s a tall black cube made entirely of solar panels.

5. Miami, FL


  • Residents per square mile: 13,046
  • Total Population: 467,963

The beach, the bars, the clubs — what’s not in Miami to entice you to call it home. Even if it’s a little compact, the neon lights and vibrant vibe make living here worthwhile. With a variety of neighborhoods, where you live will impact what you pay in rent, but on average, a one-bedroom will set you back $2,497 each month.

A big draw for young professionals, Miami offers job opportunities in a variety of industries, including tourism, finance and media and telecommunications.

When not at work, there are always the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean. With 248 sunny days each year, on average, every day is a beach day.

4. Boston, MA

The city of Boston on the water with its cityscape.

  • Residents per square mile: 14,345
  • Total population: 692,600

Boston is a huge college town and home to cultural institutions, top-notch universities and cutting-edge tech companies.

The city, which has almost 700,000 people (and 150,000 coeds), is known for Red Sox Nation, big city living and confusing roads. Boston is home to one of the oldest and best public transportation systems in the country with a designated commuter rail that typically runs on time.

The cost of living in Boston is infamously expensive. It’s more pricey to live in Boston than Chicago or L.A. The average cost of rent in Boston is $3,461.

But, living in Boston means you’ll experience modern life in a booming metro area, balanced by a historic perspective into our nation’s history.

3. Jersey City, NJ

jersey city nj

  • Residents per square mile: 17,720
  • Total Population: 262,075

Living just outside New York City has its perks, and most of them are in Jersey City. Not only is the location great, but public transportation also makes it so you might not even need a car. You can pick between the rapid transit system, light rail, buses or even the ferry.

The city has no shortage of quaint and authentic places to enjoy with friends. Rivaling what’s in NYC, you’ll find boutiques, wine bars, breweries and restaurants. Weekly farmer’s markets get you outside when the weather is right as well.

Another gem within Jersey City is Lincoln Park. With over 273 acres, this outdoor space offers visitors play areas, historic monuments, natural features and recreational amenities.

Living among all this activity and green space — that’s within viewing distance of NYC — means paying for it. A one-bedroom apartment averages around $2,742 per month.

2. San Francisco, CA


  • Residents per square mile: 18,808
  • Total Population: 881,549

Another city many visualize as crowded, with its winding streets and steep hills is San Francisco. But, living here means nothing is ever that far away. From work to shopping, restaurants to nightlife, this West Coast town really has it all.

While it’s up there with certain East Coast cities when it comes to renting — one-bedroom averages out to $3,560 per month — its laid-back vibe and proximity to the ocean make it a great place to live.

There’s also something unique about living in San Francisco. Where else can find neighborhoods like The Castro or The Haight?

1. New York, NY

New York City at night with building lights on from a view on the water.

  • Residents per square mile: 27,547
  • Total Population: 8,336,817

Of course, New York tops our list. The Big Apple is not dead, and despite what you may have read, NYC is still very much thriving.

Although expensive, Manhattan is the kind of place every young person should experience living in at least once. Life in New York isn’t easy, but it is thrilling. The average price of rent in New York City is nearly $3,800 for a one-bedroom apartment.

NYC is a vital hub for media, finance, tech and real estate, with more billionaires living in New York than any other city in the world.

The 50 most crowded cities in the U.S.

If you’re curious to know what other cities made the list, here’s a comprehensive list of the 50 most crowded cities in the U.S.

RankCityPopulationLand Area (Square Miles)Population Density
1New York, NY 8,336,817 302.64 27,546.98
2San Francisco, CA 881,549 46.87 18,808.38
3Jersey City, NJ 262,075 14.79 17,719.74
4Boston, MA 692,600 48.28 14,345.48
5Miami, FL 467,963 35.87 13,046.08
6Santa Ana, CA 332,318 27.27 12,186.21
7Chicago, IL 2,693,976 227.63 11,834.89
8Philadelphia, PA 1,584,064 134.1 11,812.56
9Newark, NJ 282,011 24.19 11,658.16
10Berkeley, CA 121,363 10.47 11,591.50
11Washington, DC 705,749 61.05 11,560.18
12Yonkers, NY 200,370 18.01 11,125.49
13Hialeah, FL 233,339 21.45 10,878.28
14Alexandria, VA 159,428 15.03 10,607.32
15Elizabeth, NJ 129,216 12.32 10,488.31
16Providence, RI 179,883 18.4 9,776.25
17Garden Grove, CA 171,644 17.94 9,567.67
18Compton, CA 95,605 10.01 9,550.95
19Long Beach, CA 462,628 50.29 9,199.20
20Bridgeport, CT 144,399 15.97 9,041.89
21Westminster, CA 90,643 10.05 9,019.20
22Seattle, WA 753,675 83.94 8,978.73
23Downey, CA 111,126 12.41 8,954.55
24Lynn, MA 94,299 10.74 8,780.17
25Kirkland, WA 93,010 10.79 8,620.02
26San Mateo, CA 104,430 12.13 8,609.23
27Los Angeles, CA 3,979,576 468.67 8,491.21
28Lowell, MA 110,997 13.58 8,173.56
29Minneapolis, MN 429,606 53.97 7,960.09
30Buena Park, CA 81,788 10.52 7,774.52
31Oxnard, CA 208,881 26.89 7,767.98
32Oakland, CA 433,031 55.79 7,761.80
33New Rochelle, NY 78,557 10.35 7,590.05
34Clifton, NJ 85,052 11.26 7,553.46
35Huntington Beach, CA 199,223 26.75 7,447.59
36Baltimore, MD 593,490 80.94 7,332.47
37Alameda, CA 77,624 10.61 7,316.12
38Costa Mesa, CA 113,003 15.65 7,220.64
39Tustin, CA 79,348 11.08 7,161.37
40El Cajon, CA 102,708 14.43 7,117.67
41Santa Clara, CA 130,365 18.41 7,081.21
42Anaheim, CA 350,365 49.84 7,029.80
43Hartford, CT 122,105 17.38 7,025.60
44Torrance, CA 143,592 20.48 7,011.33
45New Haven, CT 130,250 18.68 6,972.70
46Sunnyvale, CA 152,703 21.99 6,944.20
47Allentown, PA 121,442 17.55 6,919.77
48Mountain View, CA 82,739 12 6,894.92
49Salinas, CA 155,465 23.18 6,706.86
50Gaithersburg, MD 67,985 10.2 6,665.20

The least crowded cities in America

In compiling data around the most crowded cities in the U.S., we also gathered the cities that remain on the roomier side. Here’s our list of the least crowded cities in America.

RankCityPopulationLand Area (Square Miles)Population Density
1Anchorage, AK 288,000 1704.68168.95
2Buckeye, AZ 79,620 375.26212.17
3Suffolk, VA 92,108 400.17230.17
4Carson City, NV 55,916 144.66386.53
5Goodyear, AZ 86,840 191.48453.52
6Casa Grande, AZ 58,632 109.67534.62
7Augusta, GA 197,888 302.47654.24
8Norman, OK 124,880 178.76698.59
9Port Arthur, TX 54,280 76.9705.85
10North Port, FL 70,724 99.58710.22


To find the most crowded cities in America, we looked at all cities with a population over 50,000 in the U.S. and at least 10 square miles of land area. We divided each city’s population by its land area to determine the population density, or the number of people per square mile. Population figures and land area come from the U.S. Census Bureau. The cities with the highest population density are the most crowded cities in the U.S.

Rent prices are based on a rolling weighted average from Apartment Guide and Rent.’s multifamily rental property inventory of one-bedroom apartments. We pulled our data in March 2021, and it goes back for one year. Our team uses a weighted average formula that more accurately represents price availability for each individual unit type and reduces the influence of seasonality on rent prices in specific markets.

The rent information included in this article is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.


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