You also might fantasize about what building you’re going to rent from downtown Chicago. You could easily find a serviceable complex on the outskirts of town and take the L into the city, but if money is no object, you can reside in a penthouse at Two West Delaware.

Granted, spending $16,713 a month on rent for a 5-bed/5-bath unit in the historic district of the Gold Coast doesn’t exactly go along with “simple and affordable,” but Two West Delaware is no average apartment high rise.

Top-notch amenities

First off, you have a concierge. You’re greeted when you come and go by staff that addresses you by name, secures your deliveries behind the concierge desk until you return and gives you a strong sense of security.

front lobby at two west delaware chicago

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Then, consider the amenities – access to a 24-hour gym that rivals Equinox and offers group classes, a private massage room and community lounges that resemble a Mad Men soundstage, a yoga studio with a serene view just above the neighborhood tree line and a rooftop deck complete with a pool that seems as though it was designed for a Dwell magazine photo layout.

Super-sized views

But any resident that rents in the Two West Delaware gets use of all these aforementioned facilities. What really separates the one-bed/one-bath renter (a steal at $3,298 a month!) from the penthouse is square footage and indescribable views.

While Two West’s single bedroom floor plans start at a respectable 920 square feet, the palatial 5-bed/5-bath penthouse covers 4,085 square feet of hardwood floor, with a foyer opening up into a grand living room, and anchored by a long, sleek kitchen outfitted with professional-grade Viking appliances.

front lobby at two west delaware chicago

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These two rooms are encased in floor-to-ceiling plate glass and standing on the balcony off the kitchen gives you a sense that you’re teetering on the edge of the Earth. (This may not be the ideal space for those who tend to suffer with bouts of vertigo.)

Yes, a good portion of the $16,713 you spend per month goes towards your square footage, but there’s also an incalculable portion of your rent that goes toward the view. To the west, you can actually look down onto Washington Square Park. To the east, your backdrop is the whole of Lake Michigan. To the north, you oversee Old Town and to the south, you can see the length of Millennium Park.

Shelling out the big bucks

At this point in your housing fantasy, you’re probably asking yourself, “Can I afford shelling out $16,713 every month on rent?” Well, maybe. It all depends on what you do for a living.

If you’re one of the starters on the Bulls, $16K a month is nothing. If you’re anyone else, you should stay true to the formula of spending no more than a third of your pre-tax paycheck on your housing budget. That said, if you want to realistically live in a Two West penthouse, you need to clear a tad over $607,000 a year.

The annual price of this apartment costs as much as: -7,788 deep dish cheese pizzas from Giordano

If it’s too rich for your blood, you could always get four roommates and split the bill five ways. Or if you’re determined to live in Chicago, consider one of these options:

The rent information included in this article is based on December 2018 rental property inventory on and and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing or availability guarantee for any apartment.
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