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The Most Expensive Apartment in Los Angeles Will Cost You $359K a Year

Most would agree that $30,000 is a lot of money. In fact, with the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles being $4,590, that’s enough to pay for half a year’s rent and then some. But for the most expensive apartment in Los Angeles, that amount will cover only a single month of rent.

Ten Thousand is one of those rare apartments that many people only dream of living in. And for most, it will only stay a dream, because the monthly price is $29,900 — a cost that few can afford and even fewer would willingly pay.

It seems like a downright outrageous amount to pay for a single apartment, but the luxury features, amenities and location are enough to convince some people it’s worth it to live on 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard.

Living on the edge of Beverly Hills

10000 Santa Monica Boulevard is located right in the middle of two of the most well-known parts of the city: Beverly Hills and Century City.

The most expensive apartment in Los Angeles sits on the edge of Beverly Hills, which offers a wide variety of benefits. It’s very walkable and safe, has numerous top-quality restaurants, lots of shops, incomparable nightlife, beautiful homes with well-kept yards — and the list goes on. Who knows, if you’re lucky you might see a celebrity or even be neighbors with someone famous!

And then you’ve got Century City, which is perhaps one of the smallest, yet most underrated areas in Los Angeles. Its combination of mid-century charm and luxury high-rises is impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Because the weather is almost always nice, most restaurants in the area offer outdoor seating where you can simply enjoy the quiet streets along with your five-star meal.

ten thousand apartment interior

The peak of luxury

When you’re paying $29,900 in rent each month, you’re paying for more than location. This 2,436-square-foot apartment has two bedrooms with two and a half bathrooms. Basic as that may seem for nearly $30,000, there are plenty of luxury touches that come with it.

For the highest measures of safety, the building has controlled access, a door attendant, gated access onto the property and on-site patrol. As far as finishes go, the apartment has a renovated interior with high-end hardwood flooring and carpeting, smart home technology and windows that span from floor to ceiling. Plus, there’s the option for it to come furnished if you don’t want to worry yourself with additional decorating.

And possibly the big selling point for many is the balcony, which is high enough above everything that you have a nearly unobstructed panoramic view of the city.

Unmatched amenities

The apartment itself is incredible, but there’s even more to it. The amenities at Ten Thousand are unmatched. Residents have access to a fitness center, swimming pool and hot tub, basketball court, tennis court and business center, complete with a conference room.

If you want even more, there’s a continental breakfast, butlers, valet parking and wellness training. Talk about extra! That means you wouldn’t need to cook breakfast for yourself, park your car or even open your own door.

Part of the high price for this apartment at Ten Thousand goes toward these amenities, the likes of which you won’t find almost anywhere else.

ten thousand los angeles amenities

What else could I get for the same price?

Having $29,900 could do a lot for some, especially if they had it available each month. To put it into perspective, that amount could also get you:

  • 149,500 packs of ramen
  • Two lower-bowl season tickets for most NBA teams
  • 2021 Ford Mustang
  • 74 series 6 Apple Watches
  • 40 Blendtec Professional 750 blenders

And that’s what you could purchase every single month with roughly $30,000. Imagine what you could get over the course of a year with that money! That’s $358,800 a year —you could do practically anything you wanted with that kind of cash.

Other luxe apartments

If you don’t want to live in the most expensive Los Angeles apartment but still want ultra-lux accommodations, you have options. Here are a few more affordable options that will still give you the luxurious touches and amenities you’re after.

While these may not be everything that Ten Thousand is, they’re pretty close to it — and cost quite a bit less.

The high life has a high price

Living in an ultra-luxurious apartment in Los Angeles is going to cost you no matter where it is. But put it into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the country and you’re going to see a huge spike in the price. Furthermore, you’re getting top-of-the-line everything — amenities, flooring, appliances, views… It really leaves you wanting nothing more because there’s nothing more to want.

The rent information included in this article is accurate as of September 2021 and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.


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