The Most Expensive Apartment in Oakland Will Cost You $130K a Year

It's a town worthy of its own reputation in Northern California, but few associate Oakland with luxury. They'd be wrong.

This urban cultural center takes you from the Pacific Ocean all the way to redwood forests. It's complete with plenty of surprising locations to call home. And, although the average two-bedroom rental price is $4,514, what we're after is something a bit more on the pricer side.

If you double that average and add a little more, you'll hit the price tag at The Skylyne. It's home to the most expensive apartment in Oakland. We're talking about paying $10,840 per month for this three-bedroom, three-bath unit. It's not only in a great spot in Oakland, but the building has more than enough amenities to make the price tag worth it.

Life near a lake

most expensive apartment in oakland

The Skylyne has it all, including an incredible location in the vibrant city of Oakland. Known for both its arts scene and connection to racial and social activism, the city is a popular place to call home. Getting to the penthouse of this building is an impressive feat.

The most expensive apartment in Oakland sits high up on the 25th floor. From this height, you get some of the best city views, including a lake in one direction and the California mountains in the other.

Situated in the Mosswood neighborhood, The Skylyne puts residents just a bike ride away from Lake Merritt, one of Oakland's most prominent features. A recreational hub, this three-mile-wide lagoon offers all kinds of water sports and nature trails. It's also home to the oldest designated wildlife refuge in the U.S.

For some close-by urban exploration, check out Temescal and Pill Hill, two bordering neighborhoods. Both areas have unique features to occupy your time, including Temescal Alley, labeled the hippest street in the East Bay. When it's time to take a trip across the bay to San Francisco, it's only a 26-minute BART ride to the heart of downtown.

A home at the top

Interior of the most expensive apartment in Oakland

Saying you live in the penthouse at The Skylyne is impressive enough, but then you get to take a peek inside the 1,877-square-foot apartment. Not only are there three bedrooms and three bathrooms but all the natural light you could want. Floor-to-ceiling windows take advantage of the panoramic view.

Within each of those bedrooms, you've got oversized closets and access to AT&T gigabit fiber internet. For some fresh air, you not only have balcony space, but the rooftop amenities are right down the hall.

Stroll into your chef's kitchen for the big jackpot. You'll find quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, a microwave, disposal and dishwasher.

Additional in-apartment amenities include wood-grain flooring, keyless apartment entry and an Electrolux washer and dryer. It's a veritable grab bag of goodies for the $10,000+ price tag.

Amenities that keep coming

Rooftop at the most expensive apartment in Oakland

It's perfect that the most expensive apartment in Oakland sits on the top floor of The Skylyne since that's where its best amenities are, too. On the roof, you'll find the Sky Kitchen and Lounge and the Sky Splash Deck with a pool and spa. The rooftop is also equipped with outdoor fire pits and barbecues so the party never has to stop.

There are plenty of social spaces throughout the building. You'll find a flex fitness studio and fitness club for keeping in shape. There's a sports lounge and game room for some recreational fun, too. When you need to get out of your home office, hit up the co-working lounge, as well.

Movie nights get taken up a notch with a screening room, and game nights with neighbors are easy, thanks to a social room.

If you've brought a furry friend with you to The Skylyne, they've got their own set of amenities. Take them to the Woof Deck, complete with a paw spa.

Giving special attention to the types of transportation common in Oakland, amenities extend to all kinds of vehicles. There are charging stations for electric cars and Wheel Works, a DIY bike shop.

You may never want to leave the most expensive apartment in Oakland with so many extras at your fingertips.

How to afford $10,840 in rent

Paying this much per month in rent isn't easy to budget for. Living the affluent lifestyle in Oakland means having the paycheck to back it up. Many experts suggest you not spend more than a third of your pre-tax income on rent. This means you need to rake in about $390,240 per year to stay within a safe range.

It's possible to land a job in the techie East Bay with this kind of salary, but consider what else that's purely Oakland that money could get you:

  • 4,927 amazingly beautiful Fortune Cookie Factory fortune cookies. They'll blow what you get with take-out out of the water. This is where the fortune cookie folding machine was invented.
  • 722 hours of kayaking on Lake Merritt
  • 451 visits to the Oakland Zoo
  • 309 Blue Bottle Coffee blend boxes to give friends and family a taste of Oakland coffee
  • 54 meals (without the drink pairing) at Commis, one of the only Michelin-starred restaurants in Oakland. There's no ordering a-la-carte, just a multi-course tasting menu.

While it's not necessarily realistic to buy almost 5,000 fortune cookies, it's interesting to think how much $10,840 in rent really is each month. You got to live large to factor this apartment into your budget.

Alternative options for high rollers

If a $10,000 payout in rent isn't your thing, but you have a little extra money to burn, Oakland has a lot of other options all over town that don't hold back when it comes to luxury living.

These apartments offer up lots of rooftop amenities and that modern, urban vibe that pairs so well with the real heart of Oakland.

Penthouse aspirations

We all aspire to live the high life someday, and with the most expensive apartment in Oakland, you're physically on top. The penthouse unit may cost you $10,840 a month, but hitting the literal top is an impressive benchmark for anyone. Whether you're already there or still climbing, enjoy the ride.

The rent information included in this article is accurate as of September 2021 and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.
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