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The Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2022

With Halloween returning to normal now that the pandemic has settled, consumers are spending more than ever before, according to the National Retail Federation. Experts predict Halloween spending to rise to more than $10.6 billion in 2022, which is half a billion dollars more than last year!

Around 69 percent of Americans plan on celebrating Halloween in 2022, which is higher than last year’s 65 percent. And individually, people plan to spend around $100 on their Halloween experience by purchasing decorations, candy, costumes and greeting cards.

So, what are the most popular Halloween costumes? What will you see people wearing at parties and while trick-or-treating this year?

Most popular Halloween costumes for kids

Kids have wild imaginations and Halloween is when they can really let those imaginations come to life! Here are the top five costumes for kids.

1. Spiderman

With the various Spiderman movie releases in recent years, it’s no wonder that this character is on kids’ minds — and has been for the last few years. In fact, it’s on approximately 2.2 million minds, as that’s how many children plan on dressing up like Spiderman in 2022, making it one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

2. Princess

Princess, one of the most popular Halloween costumes

Many children dream of being a princess and hope to turn that dream into a reality, even if it’s just for one day. About 1.9 million kids will be dressing up as their favorite princess this year, whether they channel their inner Jasmin, Elsa or Mulan.

3. Witch

Perhaps the most classic and iconic Halloween costume since the beginning of the holiday, a witch is the third most popular Halloween costume in 2022. “Hocus Pocus” inspired nearly 1.6 million kids for 30 years, and the more recent release of “Hocus Pocus 2” continues to do so.

4. Ghost

Some 1.3 million children plan to dress up as spooky, scary ghosts in 2022. They might purchase a cool costume from a Halloween store or they may take the traditional approach by cutting holes in a sheet.

5. Superhero


Batman, Thor and Wonder Woman are only a few of the many crime fighters that kids are looking up to this year. Another 1.2 million children plan on dressing up as their favorite superhero before hitting the streets this Halloween.

Most popular Halloween costumes for adults

Halloween isn’t just for kids — adults like dressing up, too! Here are the most popular costumes for adults in 2022.

1. Witch

Around 5.3 million adults plan on bewitching this Halloween. This costume is as easy or as elaborate as you want and most people have the elements to create it lying around, in case they need a last-minute costume.

2. Vampire

vampire, one of the most popular halloween costumes

The hype around “Twilight” still hasn’t died down, which is why more than 1.7 million adults plan on dressing up as a vampire, making it one of the most popular Halloween costumes. They may decide to go with the sparkling Edward Cullen vibe or a classic Dracula getup, complete with fangs and a cape.

3. Ghost

Like kids in 2022, ghosts are on adults’ minds, too! About 1.5 million people plan to dress up as a ghost — one of the easiest costumes you can create. All you need is a sheet and some scissors!

4. Pirate


Aarggghhh, mateys! Pirate legends are always fun to think about and dressing up as a pirate is even more fun! There are 1.4 million adults that plan on gearing up for a swashbuckling Halloween this year.

5. Cat or Batman (tied)

Black cats have been a symbol of bad luck for years, especially around Halloween. But that doesn’t mean you are a sign of bad luck — you can dress up as any type of cat you want, along with 1.2 million other adults.

Tied with cats, another 1.2 million people are looking to one superhero, in particular. Batman is the fifth most popular costume among adults in 2022.

Most popular Halloween costumes for pets

Make your fur baby a part of the Halloween fun, too! Here are the top costumes for pets.

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin dog, one of the most popular halloween costumes

Few things could ever be cuter than your pet dressed up as a little orange pumpkin. Just imagine a pumpkin with small legs trotting along the sidewalk on Halloween night!

2. Hot dog

What food is more American than a hot dog? Wrap your furry friend up in a bun for the most adorable snack.

3. Bat

Give your furry friend the wings they need to fly high on Halloween night. Turn any pet into a bat with some cute wings — just make sure they don’t fly too far!

4. Bumblebee

Bumblebee cat

Your pet can buzz around the neighborhood with its wings and antennas as the sweetest bee you’ve ever seen in one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

5. Witch

Pets are feeling inspired by “Hocus Pocus 2” this year! Dress your pet like one of the Sanderson sisters to really spook your friends.

Preparing for Halloween

Halloween is a fun day of celebration, so make sure you’re prepared! Get out your decorations and decide on your costume so you are ready for spooky fun.

And, remember to always be safe! With Halloween festivities returning to normal this year, there are lots of people going out and about.

When you’re driving, go slowly and keep an eye out for those walking. If you’re walking around, watch for cars and stay on the sidewalk, avoiding the street whenever possible. And, always make sure you take a flashlight with you in the dark and wear reflectors if you’re going to walk around outside in the dark. Happy trick-or-treating!


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