The 10 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors for Your Apartment

As spring cleaning kicks off, your motivation for decorating and resetting your interior paint colors is at an all-time high. Plus, it’s the best time to do it as the weather is getting warmer, helping the paint color dry properly. Did you know that most paints won’t dry correctly if the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit?

You want your rental to feel like yours, but finding the right color palette and shade is tricky. There’s inspiration everywhere on social media, which can get overwhelming. How in the world do you pick popular interior paint colors without an interior designer? What brand do you need?

According to a 2019 Houzz study, gray paint color is the top pick wall color for kitchen renovations. You aren’t an interior designer, but you may want a paint color that says a little more by creating a unique space. In 2022, nature palette paint colors are in — think olive green or terracotta shades.

While you don’t want your home interior to look like a place decorated by the Easter bunny, dusty pastels as a wall color are trending right now and can make a modern statement. And yes, don’t knock a classic white paint color off your list.

The most popular interior paint colors

Having fun with paint colors is a scary décor adventure, but know that you can always paint it back. Just make sure to check in with your landlord before picking up a brush. Narrowing down a good shade of color to paint with is nerve-racking (and there are certainly tools to sample paint colors on your wall), but it all comes down to what room you’re painting in our house.

For example, a bedroom needs a less busy color palette — either a statement wall or something more calm and soft in a classic shade. While you can make a dining room area more of a moody color to create the perfect backdrop for dinner.

Head to the paint store for some interior paint chips to pick your next wall paint color and get your painter’s tape ready. We’ve compiled the most popular interior paint colors to make it a little easier for you.

1. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster SW7008

Bathroom painted in Sherwin-Williams Alabastar White

Sometimes, a room needs a new coat of white to look like a million bucks, as you’ve seen in every interior designer show on HGTV home. You can’t go wrong with Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster — a versatile warm white — to revive a dark room and bring better lighting. Pair this Sherwin-Williams’ popular interior paint color with a less yellow shade of white on the ceiling and trim for a balanced contrast.

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster works in practically every room in the house and pairs well with gray shades and wood accents. It will instantly both brighten and cozy up a room. If you’ve just moved into your home, we suggest starting with this neutral color throughout — a blank slate, if you will — and then add more popular interior paint colors as you live in the house and find more inspiration. No yellow undertones here.

2. Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue 281

Accent wall painted in Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue, a popular interior paint color.

Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue is a classic modern navy paint color that’s best used as a statement. It creates a dramatic impact on your living room or bedroom when used as a one-wall blue statement. It’s good to get a sample of this interior paint color at the paint store to see how it works with your light and see if this is your style.

Grays, blacks, rich greens and warmer wood stains work great in the space to create a perfect atmosphere. Use it on one wall and keep the other walls a warm white with white trim and ceiling, as shown above, for a clean feel. Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster (see previous entry) makes a great complement to Stiffkey Blue.

Don’t be afraid to fill the room with plants, as well, since this rich navy plays well with organic textures and hues — the deeper the green shade color, the better.

3. Farrow & Ball Pink Ground 202

Bedroom painted in Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

Millennial pink was so last decade — enter Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground. This dusty pink is very subtle — almost a neutral shade — and adds unexpected interest to otherwise dull rooms.

The popular interior paint color will remind you of roses in bloom yet remain relevant throughout the year, especially during those gray winters. Another fun way to incorporate it into your interiors? By painting the ceiling pink instead of the walls.

Accessories will be vital to making Pink Ground stand out. Wicker baskets, modern gold accents and pops of black and green color will make the room timeless. It’s great for bedrooms, as it creates a soothing feeling that will have you counting sheep in no time.

4. Benjamin Moore Sweet Basil 445

sweet basil, a popular interior paint colors

Greenery is back this spring season as the weather warms up and, with it, a feeling of freshness in the air. That’s at the heart of Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Basil — a mossy green shade that pairs well with pastels like pink and creamy white. This deep, almost-jewel green color will inspire you to bring in warm stained wood into your space with pops of gold.

If you have a small guest bathroom, paint Sweet Basil from top to bottom. It will make a good wall color statement for any of your home visitors. An elegant mirror with a gold border would also pop against Sweet Basil green in the bathroom.

For a quick reno in the kitchen, replace the hardware in the kitchen cabinets and sink plus any lighting to pop after painting the cabinets with this Benjamin Moore’s green. Don’t forget the trim. This paint color is also similar to 2022 Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog, if you need another great neutral option.

5. Sherwin-Williams Bravo Blue SW6784

Bedroom mural painted in shades of blue, including Sherwin Williams Bravo Blue

Bravo Blue from Sherwin-Williams (seen above in the top mountain) looks crisp next to a pure white trim and catches the eye when paired with neutrals. It leans more cool than warm with yellow undertones.

Beyond using it for a boy’s room, this Sherwin-Williams blue paint color pops in a bathroom with brushed silver hardware and wicker accessories. It will also look elegant as a single statement wall in a smaller guest bedroom, with the bed against it. Or, use it to paint a mural, like above, to create interest in a child’s bedroom.

It’s vibrant without looking like an Easter egg basket. The key with this Sherwin-Williams color shade is to play around with accessories, textures and textiles to get the most out of this hue.

6. Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky 1479

Nursery painted in Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky, a popular interior paint color

If you’re looking for a soothing gray that isn’t drab, Alaskan Husky from Benjamin Moore is an excellent neutral pick. This classic hue pairs well with cooler wood stains, browns and jewel tones — think a deep red or darker emerald green. But it can also be used solo for a neutral base paired with a busy rental-friendly wallpaper.

Use Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky in smaller rooms, hallways, closets and bathrooms as a neutral base to build on and add color with furniture and other accents.

7. Benjamin Moore Baked Terra Cotta 1202

Terracotta paint

Source: The Paint Place

Inspired by the desert, Benjamin Moore’s Baked Terra Cotta will remind you of New Mexico and Arizona landscapes. The richness of this interior paint color will bring much drama to a dining room, office or study. This Benjamin Moore paint color pairs well with darker wood stains, olive tones, warm creams and beige color —all the drama and style without moody. Avoid a cool white color like Sherwin-Williams Alabaster here, you need a warmer white with yellow details.

You can also use it as a statement wall paint color, paired with a warm white. Pinterest is a good spot for inspiration here as it’s trending as one of the best-selling colors. Lots of plants pair well with this paint color, as well, against the walls. Soft textures and cottons would be a great addition, as well. As we spend more time outdoors, it’s always a good idea to bring nature inside into your space.

8. Farrow & Ball Jitney 293

Jitney, a popular interior paint color

Source: Bloodline Merchants

Neutrals aren’t boring. Jitney by Farrow & Ball is not your grandmother’s beige. A muted yet rich hue brings a calmness with it. You can use it in your bedroom, living room or your office. This interior paint color will take you back to a quiet day at the beach while you run your fingers through the warm sand.

Pair Jitney with other accent paint colors in the jeweled tone family — think deep emerald paint color and dark purple paint shades. If you want to keep the room light, stick to a light sage green and dusty blue color. The latter could work well in the living room walls lacking much natural light.

9. Sherwin-Williams Dustblu SW9161


Source: Sherwin-Williams

Blues are not just for kid rooms. There’s been an uptick in dusty pastel paint colors as a neutral in recent years. Sherwin-Williams Dustblu is the perfect hue for a kitchen or bathroom that will add relaxing energy to the room. The gray undertones keep this paint color from getting too yellow while bringing a sense of modern to the room.

Bring a lot of warm woods or textured accessories if using this Sherwin-Williams wall color paint. They’ll pop against the Dustblu room color. Interior designers would also say, don’t forget the trim in a pure white paint.

10. Benjamin Moore Wood Violet 1428

Wood Violet, a popular interior paint color

Source: Houzz

If you want to go for the ultimate statement, Benjamin Moore Wood Violet is just the ticket. Lately, interior designers have taken it one step further by painting with deep, dark hues like Benjamin Moore Wood Violet from the wall to the ceiling. Yes, you heard us right. It’s the latest inspiration. Paint the ceiling and molding, too, and fully immerse yourself in this Benjamin Moore paint color.

Benjamin Moore’s Wood Violet, paired with accents of cream and gray shades, is a great addition to your living room, large bedroom, small music room or sitting area with a fireplace for extra coziness.

Keep your paint color simple

It’s easy to go overboard with colorful paint colors to bring light into your home. Choose your paint color palette wisely for the walls of your home. Try different trends to use more statement paint colors, such as blues — think statement wall, wall stencil or textured wall treatment.

Don’t be afraid to use beige or a neutral gray or blue as a jumping-off point either when painting. The new paint colors will give your interior space décor a new life (and don’t forget about your trim paint color!).

You can also pair any of these popular interior paint colors with a rental-friendly wallpaper. Many companies now have peel-and-stick papers that are easy to remove so you can keep your security deposit and bring color to your space. Just visit your local home improvement store or paint stores to find more Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams or Farrow & Ball colors.


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