As one of the nation’s favorite treats, it’s only right that the humble chocolate chip cookie gets its own day. Whether you stick to the old tried-and-true grandma-style recipes or you like to get funky with extra ingredients like bacon, chocolate chip cookies provide an awesome base for inspiration. On August 4th, get that baking tray out and a big glass of milk, because you’ve got a licence to snack!

The Traditional

For some, it’s the original or nothing at all. Fortunately, baking a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies is easy with Baker Bettie’s foolproof recipe.

The Baconista

If you’re like many other foodies on the planet, you’ve probably often wondered how you could try to get more bacon into your life. Why not with your dessert? That salty-sweet combination works wonders for a chocolate chip cookie. Visit Poet in the Pantry’s site for the perfect recipe.

The Gluten-Free

A flourless cookie, you say? You bet. Even if you’re gluten intolerant, you can still enjoy stuffing chocolate chip cookies from The Bakerita’s site into your face. They’re even Paleo-friendly and refined sugar-free — bonus!

The Deep Fried

No, you’re not dreaming. You can actually deep fry a chocolate chip cookie. After all, why let all those state fairs have all the crazy frying fun? Check out Sugarhero’s recipe to get in on the action.

The Vegan

Just because you don’t dig animal products doesn’t mean missing out on life’s glorious treats. For example, take a look at Yammie’s Gluten Freedom page, featuring a chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s gluten, egg and dairy free, and vegan-friendly to boot!

The Beer Lover’s

Though cooking with beer is nothing new, finding a way to bring beer to the chocolate chip cookie kingdom is nothing short of genius. This recipe from Lea and Jay’s blog features a hearty stout, which gives the chocolate a kick.

What’s your favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies? Do you plan on making any of these recipes? Share your photos on social media!

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