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Having a puppy in an apartment can pose a few challenges, but if you’re prepared, you should have no problem getting your puppy acclimated to your home. There are many things you need that you may not have thought of.

1. Food and bowls

dog food in bowls

This one is pretty obvious. Puppies need to eat – sometimes a lot. You should have puppy chow ready for them when they get to their new home. It’s important to get high quality food for your new puppy and to be consistent with the brand and type you buy.

You’ll need a place to put that food and to keep your pup hydrated. There are tons of different options of food bowls. Plastic is cheaper and probably best for your puppy. You’ll have to get a bigger size as they grow, so you shouldn’t splurge when they’re young. Just try to find a heavy-duty plastic they won’t be able to chew through.

2. Toys

puppy toy

Puppies are energetic and love to play. To avoid having them eat all your furniture, have many chew toys ready for them when they arrive home.

3. Food and toy storage

dog toy storage

To avoid having your entire apartment littered with dog toys, you should get a designated basket for them to stay when your dog is done playing. We can’t guarantee they’ll stay in the basket long, but at least there will be a place for them to go.

Similarly, a large plastic bin with a secure top is a great place to keep your dogs’ food. Open dog food is a way to attract ants, bugs and still-hungry pups, so having a container for the food is vital.

4. Treats

dog looking at treat

You’ll need lots of treats. Most training methods require positive reinforcement with treats as rewards for good behavior. You’ll want small treats so your puppy doesn’t get too full while learning the ropes of your apartment.

5. Collar with ID tags

dog collar

Your new fur baby will need a collar with tags to let anyone who finds them know who they are and where to return them. It’s important to have up to date information so if your pup ever goes missing, they can be returned home safe and sound.

A 2011 study found that ID tagging is an effective way to decrease the chances that stray dogs will end up in a shelter and help them find their way back home.

6. Leash

dog with leash in mouth

A shorter, four-foot leash is best for a puppy for training purposes. You’ll need longer leashes as your puppy grows, so you may want to have those on hand, as well.

7. Crate

dog in crate

In order to potty train your dog, you’ll need a crate for when you leave the house. Otherwise, you may come home to unwanted surprises your puppy left around your apartment while you’re away.

8. Puppy pads

puppy pads

When you’re trying to house-train your dog, puppy pads will be essential to reducing the number of accidents they have. You can find inexpensive options at any pet store.

9. Bed

dog bed

Your furry friend will need their own place to sleep in your apartment. It’s best not to let them get in the habit of sleeping in your bed. Habits formed while they’re puppies are hard to break, so you should have a bed set up and ready for them before you bring them home.

10. Grooming supplies

dog being brushed

While it’s important for your dog to be professionally groomed from time to time depending on the breed and the type of coat your dog has, there are some things that you should maintain at home.

You’ll need shampoo, a brush and nail clippers on hand at your home. Your pup should be brushed on a regular basis. This helps with shedding so you won’t have dog hair all over your apartment.

Your dog also will need regular baths, especially if they are going outside and to the park often. Their nails also should be trimmed regularly. Even if you plan to get them done professionally, you should have some at your house.

11. Dog poop bags

dog poop bags

Most apartment complexes have a designated place for dogs to relieve themselves and you’re required to pick up their poop. You should always have bags on hand when you take your dog outside.

With these items, your new puppy will be set up to thrive in your apartment!

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