All the games. All the predictions. Straight from the NFL.

If you’re like most Americans, you’ll probably be spending most of Sunday September 11th lounging on your apartment couch, contentedly eating nachos, drinking a refreshing beverage and waiting for the official kickoff of the NFL season. If you’re a fan, you’re likely planning on spending every Sunday that way for the following 21 weeks. Here at, we see no problem with that. Settle back and let us guide you through this Sunday’s games:

1pm Starts:

Vikings vs Titans
Browns vs Eagles
Chargers vs Chiefs
Raiders vs Saints
Buccaneers vs Falcons
Bengals vs Jets
Packers vs Jaguars

4:05pm Starts:

Dolphins vs Seahawks

4:25pm Starts:

Giants vs Cowboys
Lions vs. Colts

8:30pm Starts:

Patriots vs Cardinals

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