For apartment-dwellers expecting a bundle of joy, nursery design ideas might be a bit difficult to come by. When living in a rental, you’ll often find that there are strict rules regarding whether or not you can paint the walls, change lighting fixtures or install closet organizers. Heck, if you’re living in a two-bedroom unit, you might even need your baby’s nursery to double as an office space! Not to fear: There are plenty of cute and creative ways to create a nursery your baby is sure to love. Read on for some fun nursery design ideas and themes for those living in rentals:

Get Creative with Colors and Themes

Not allowed to paint the walls, but want to ensure that your little one’s room is 100 percent baby? No problem! Use a motif that is colorful by nature, like a Doctor Seuss or circus theme. Bring color into the space by displaying wall art and knick-knacks that are as bright as possible. If you have shelves, use them to display vintage toys in dramatic shades of red, yellow and pink. Choose bedding and furniture that are vibrant, too–after the room is decked out, there will be no mistaking it for a grown-up’s room!

Be Creative with Your Space

If your growing family is trying to squeeze into a tiny space, you’ll want to think about logistics. It may not make sense to buy a bassinet for your infant to sleep in during his first few weeks, only to move into a crib next door later. Keep these logistics in mind when planning out your space:

1. Choose the room that’s farthest away from your living room to become your child’s nursery. Once that baby falls asleep, you won’t want to wake her up!

2. If you can’t fit a rocking/feeding chair into your nursery, that’s okay! However, you’ll want to invest in a piece of furniture in which you’ll be comfortable sitting during late nights and feedings. If nothing else, invest in an ottoman or foot rest for the end of your couch.

3. Dirty diapers are stinky, and you live in a small apartment (you don’t need us to do the math). Invest in an odor-neutralizing trash bin, and place it near your front door so it’s easy to take out to the dumpster on a regular basis.

4. Thinking about buying both a changing table and a dresser for your baby’s room? Don’t do it! Save yourself space and money by purchasing a changing pad that can sit atop a double dresser.

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