Organization Tips for Unpacking After the Move

Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Some people choose to hire movers to take care of the difficult task for them, but for do-it-yourselfers, there are ways to ease the process of moving in.

The trick to transitioning between apartments as efficiently as possible is to stay organized. Unpacking can be a very overwhelming process, so take a look at these organization tips to keep you sane while you unpack:

Be Proactive

The obvious key to staying organized while you unpack is to be just as organized while packing. Most people who move a lot agree that the best way to stay organized while packing is to make sure there’s a system for noting down everything that’s packed in each box.

A lot of movers say the easiest way to accomplish this is to simply take a picture of each item that’s in a particular box, though some some prefer simply writing it down. If you don’t want to write a full list on each box, try numbering your boxes and keeping a list of items next to each number in a notebook.

Sort Your Boxes

Once you get to your new place, sort your boxes into their prospective rooms before beginning to unpack any of them. If you finish unpacking a room and then find another one or two boxes, you may have to reorganize everything you just put away.

Set up Furniture First

Always set up all of your furniture before unpacking boxes. Besides having your couch or bed prepared as a place to sit down and relax for a minute, you’ll want all of your shelves ready to go once you start sorting through your possessions.

Decide Which Rooms to Prioritize

Figure out the order in which you’re going to unpack your rooms to get the best results. Many people start with the kitchen, which is generally the most time-consuming, since meals (and coffee) are usually a priority.

The next rooms you should tackle are the bathroom and bedroom, which are the most-used rooms in an apartment, along with the kitchen. Living rooms and other recreational spaces can wait until after you’ve finished with those three areas.

One of the most important organization tips for moving is to try not to stray from a room once you start unpacking it. Completing one room at a time keeps your entire apartment from becoming cluttered all at once, which can be very overwhelming.

Sort Items Before Storing

Taking everything out of the boxes and sorting it on the floor or a table is much more effective than trying to unpack box-by-box. People who take all of the items out of one box and put everything away before moving onto the next find they have to constantly reorganize as they unpack more and more. Having all of the items for a single room out and in front of you makes it easier to find the perfect home for everything.

Get Rid of Your Boxes

Boxes are bulky, and it seems like they’re constantly in the way. As soon as you empty a box, break it down and put it somewhere outside of the area in which you’re working. If you’re trying to save your boxes, keep them in the hallway outside of your apartment for now, and find the right spot for them once everything else is put away.

Buy Organizers Later

Some people try to prepare for moving in by buying extra shelves or organizers before unpacking. However, it’s actually better to wait until you’re done. You may find you need organizers that are a different size or shape than what you originally expected.

After you’re done unpacking, go room-by-room and make a “need” list and a “want” list for organizational shelves, bins and any other items you don’t have.

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Organization Tips for Unpacking After the Move

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