Orlando Housing Market: What You Need to Know

Orlando has it all.

The housing and rental markets in Orlando reflect the ever-changing landscape of living in this popular city known for its massive tourist attractions, many pristine lakes and an undeniably strong economy. The following insights, derived from Rent. and Redfin, provide a comprehensive view of the Orlando housing market for anyone interested in entering the scene.

Rental market in Orlando

The rental market in Orlando has seen significant fluctuations. As of 2023, the average rent for apartments in Orlando ranges between $1,669 and $2,060, with studio apartments averaging $1,717. The rates vary for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, standing at $1,669 and $2,060, respectively. In nearby areas like Celebration and Kissimmee, the average rent for one-bedroom apartments is around $1,594 and $1,595.

housing in Orlando Fl

Housing market in Orlando

The housing market in Orlando is notably active and competitive. Houses often receive multiple offers, with many selling for around 3% above the list price. The median sale price for homes in Orlando is approximately $327,500, marking a 14.9% increase from the previous year. This rapid pace indicates a strong demand, with homes selling in about 12 days on average.

Market impacts

Understanding the interplay between the rental and housing markets in Orlando is crucial for a comprehensive analysis of the city’s real estate dynamics. These markets influence each other in several ways.

Impacts of the rental market on the housing market

  • Investment attraction: A strong rental market in Orlando creates an attractive opportunity for real estate investors. High demand for rentals, coupled with rising rent prices, makes purchasing properties for rental purposes appealing. This can lead to increased competition in the housing market, potentially driving up home prices.
  • Housing supply and demand: As rental prices rise, some renters may consider purchasing homes, either to escape escalating rents or as an investment opportunity. This shift can increase demand in the housing market, particularly for more affordable homes, potentially leading to price increases.
  • Market sentiment: The strength of the rental market can be a barometer for the overall health of the real estate market. A strong rental market often indicates strong demand for housing in general, reflecting positively on the housing market.

Impacts of the housing market on the rental market

  • Homeownership affordability: As home prices rise, homeownership may become less affordable for a segment of the population. This can lead to increased demand for rental properties, as those priced out of buying may have no alternative but to rent.
  • Rental supply: When the housing market is booming, and home prices are high, investors might be more inclined to sell their properties rather than rent them out, potentially reducing the supply of rental homes and driving up rental prices.
  • Economic factors: The state of the housing market is often tied to broader economic conditions. For instance, a booming housing market might reflect a strong local economy, which can attract more people to Orlando, increasing demand for rental properties.

tourism in Orlando Fl drives up housing costs

Neighborhood-specific dynamics

The interaction between the rental and housing markets can vary significantly across different neighborhoods in Orlando. Factors like proximity to major employment centers, schools, tourist attractions and transportation infrastructure can distinctly influence the supply and demand dynamics in both markets.

  • Tourist areas: In neighborhoods close to Orlando’s many tourist attractions, short-term rentals might be more prevalent, affecting both the availability and pricing of longer-term rentals and residential properties.
  • Suburban vs. urban areas: Suburban areas might see different trends compared to urban areas. For example, families might prefer suburban neighborhoods for homeownership, while urban areas might have a higher demand for rental properties due to a younger demographic or proximity to employment centers.

The rental and housing markets in Orlando are interdependent, with changes in one often impacting the other. Neighborhood-specific factors further complicate this relationship, making localized market analysis essential for understanding real estate trends in Orlando.

Cost of living considerations

  • Food costs: Grocery expenses in Orlando are slightly above the national average by 3.2%. The average monthly grocery spending in Florida ranges between $266 and $300.
  • Utility costs: Orlando’s utility costs are 4.7% below the national average. The city’s humid subtropical climate necessitates continuous air conditioning, especially in summer. The estimated monthly energy costs are around $151.74.
  • Transportation: Orlando’s transportation costs are 4.6% above the national average. The city is not very walkable, with a Walk Score of 35, necessitating reliance on cars. Public transportation options include the LYNX Bus Service, with affordable fares and passes.


Florida has no state income tax, with a sales tax rate of 6%. In Orlando, an additional 0.5% is added for Orange County, bringing the combined sales tax rate to 6.5%.

tourism in Orlando Fl drives up housing costs

Earning requirements

To comfortably afford the average rent in Orlando, an annual income of about $71,160 is suggested, based on the convention that rent should not exceed 30% of income. However, variations in rent across different neighborhoods offer flexibility for different income levels.

Orlando’s housing market

Orlando’s housing market is dynamic and competitive, reflecting the city’s appeal and growing economy. Orlando’s rental market, while varied, requires a significant income to comfortably afford the average rent prices.

Overall, Orlando continues to be an attractive location with a strong housing market, offering a range of options for residents with diverse financial capabilities. If you’re ready to settle down in a sweet place in Orlando, you’ve come to the right place.


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