Our Favorite DIY Halloween Projects

If you want to get crafty and save some cash, we’ve got you covered with our favorite DIY Halloween decorations.

Candy corn garland

candy corn garland

Photo courtesy of womansday.com

Just like there are popcorn garlands during Christmas time, there are candy corn garlands on Halloween—and they’re both made the same easy way.

Use a needle to string fishing line through the center of each candy. Just don’t hang these too low or they might disappear thanks to your little ones and furry friends.

Spooky potion bottles

DIY poison bottles halloween

Photo courtesy of ehow.com

This is an easy way to recycle those empty little pill bottles, mason jars or soup cans for which you could never find a good use.

Write on the bottles with a hot glue gun. Once the glue has cooled, paint the bottles whatever colors you’d like. Glue on any other details and use chalk to distress your potion bottles.

Skull candle holder

Skull Candle Holder DIY Halloween

Photo courtesy of abeautifulmess.com

This is a great centerpiece for a Halloween feast, or even a fun decoration for your side tables. Get a plastic or ceramic skull and a few candlesticks (this example has three, but it’s up to you if you want to use more or less).

Drill holes on top of the skull where you want to put the candles. Once the holes have been drilled, spray paint the skull the color of your choice. Insert the candles into the holes—if the base of a candle is too big, just use a knife to whittle it down.

Use a hot glue gun to secure the base of each candle in the holes. If you want to give it an eerie vintage look, light the candles and let the wax drip over the skull.

Spiderweb table cloth

Spiderweb tablecloth DIY halloween

Photo courtesy of thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Give your dining room or kitchen a unique flare for the season. All you need is a colored sheet (dark colors work best), cotton swabs and some bleach for this one. Make sure you do it on a surface that’s covered in plastic so you don’t ruin the floor or table you work on.

Dip the cotton swabs in bleach and draw spiderwebs on the sheet. Once the webs are drawn, wait for a short while (5 to 10 minutes should do the trick), so that the bleach can work its magic.

Rinse the sheet well in warm water to get the bleach out and you’re all set. This can also double as a fun backdrop if you have a Halloween party.

Mummy pillow

DIY Mummy Pillow halloween

Photo courtesy of eighteen25.com

Even your couch wants to be a part of the holidays. Get a white pillow, black and white felt, and some cheese cloth.

Cut out two black circles for eyes and two smaller white circles for pupils and hot glue them to the white pillow. Cut the cheese cloth into strips that are two or three inches wide and wrap them around the pillow, gluing down the ends on the back of it.

Cut out a design for stitches using the black felt again and glue them onto the pillow wherever you want.

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