Packing Tips for Common Household Goods

Getting excited to move into your new apartment? While the prospect of living in a different space can be thrilling, the packing process is decidedly not. Throwing everything in garbage bags the night prior to the big move like you did in college simply isn’t going to cut it in the adult world.

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Despite what you may think, packing to move doesn’t have to be a giant undertaking. Pace yourself, beginning a few weeks prior to your move-in date, and you won’t become overwhelmed. Use these packing tips and you’ll be more than prepared on moving day:

Packing Tips for Clothes and Hangers

Rather than taking all of your clothing off of hangers and packing them, use a garbage bag. (We know–we just told you garbage bags weren’t going to cut it, but in this case, they’re perfect.) Cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag. While the clothes are still hanging in the closet, slip the garbage bag around the tops of a group of hangers and tie the bag at the bottom. When you get to your new place, simply hang them in your new closet and remove the bag.

Packing Tips for Appliances

Small appliances do require a certain amount of care when being transported. First, make sure that they are all clean and completely dry. If you’ve held onto the original packaging for each appliance, bravo! This will make your job infinitely easier–just place each item in its box.

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If not, choose an appropriately sized cardboard box, using plenty of tape to seal the bottom. Cushion the bottom with bubble wrap, and wrap each appliance individually. Place them in the box, beginning with the heaviest at the bottom. Be sure to remove all detachable parts before packing.

Packing Tips for Bedding

Bedding can be a great (and free!) packing tool. Use your sheets to cushion items, such as fragile dishes and coffee mugs, that you’re packing inside of cardboard boxes. However, if you’re not comfortable with your sheets getting a little dirty, it’s best to pack them in a large plastic bag or box that has been lined with clean paper.

Packing Tips for Books

Books tend to accumulate over the years, and while they’re great to have around, they can be a pain to move. Boxes loaded with books are often too heavy to lift all on your own, so if you aren’t hiring a moving company, you’ll need to make sure not to overload them. When packing the boxes, it’s best to position your books so they are standing upright–this will free up space and keep the books stable.

Packing Tips for Glassware

Glassware is extremely fragile, so it’s important to pack it with care. Divided boxes are best, as they will keep the glassware secure and in place. If you don’t have the original boxes on hand, head to your local hardware store to purchase a few.

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However, glassware can also be placed in larger boxes if first wrapped in plenty of paper towel and filled with cushioning materials. Be sure to clearly label the box so everyone knows the contents is fragile.

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