10 of the Best Living Coral Design Examples We’ve Found

It’s easy to use too much of it and let it monopolize a room or you might not use enough, allowing it to be hardly noticed.

Here are some of the best examples of Living Coral we’ve found to inspire you on your endeavor to keep up with decorating trends this year.

1. Accent wall

living coral accent wall

Photo courtesy of pictureka

By painting one wall coral and keeping the other walls and the furniture a light neutral gray, the room isn’t overwhelmed by vivid colors. Adding the coral throw pillow to the sofa and using all gold metal pieces keeps the room cohesive and modern.

2. Accent pillows

living coral pillows

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Furniture

You don’t need to go all out to incorporate Living Coral in a room. A quick fix can be using a few accent pillows in a room full of neutrals, like beige and gray.

Adding a couple of small decor items in coral can also bring more life and vibrancy to the space, like vases and decorative containers.

3. Curtains

living coral curtains

Photo courtesy of HGTV

An energetic blue, as opposed to neutrals, paired with coral, gives the room a younger, but not childish, feel. The patterns in both coral and blue create a lively overall atmosphere, even in a small space.

4. Monochromatic

living coral monochromatic

Photo courtesy of lamaisongourmet.net

It’s hard to go wrong with monochrome. Instead of making Living Coral an accent that brings a pop of color, using it as the central color and theme conveys a simple, classy ambiance. Black is the accent in this case and it contrasts well with the rest of the space and adds depth.

5. Ottoman

living coral ottoman

Photo courtesy of Remodelaholic

Off-white creates a stark, yet tasteful canvas. The patterned pastel blue pillows already have modest streaks of coral, paving the way to naturally incorporate a larger piece of furniture in the shade of Living Coral. The ottoman itself is simple and its detail doesn’t detract from the rest of the elements in the room, making it a perfect fit.

6. Coffee table

living coral coffee table

Photo courtesy of Gypsycheese

Another example of light blue and off-white, no single element commands the attention of the room. The coffee table’s bright coral color is slightly subdued by the smaller pieces of decor on top of it, so it doesn’t dominate, but rather compliments the room as a whole.

7. Chair

living coral chair

Photo courtesy of Doris Leslie Blau

Deciding on black can be a bold move because it can make a room feel small and confined. As Living Coral is an intense, upbeat tone, it perfectly contradicts the dark walls and establishes a balance.

8. Ceiling

living coral ceiling

Photo courtesy of The Distinctive Cottage

Turning the ceiling into the accented wall draws your attention upward yet doesn’t overpower other colors and components in the room.

9. Cabinet interior

living coral cabinet interior

Photo courtesy of aspiremetro.com

Choosing darker neutrals tones the room down, and adding cabinets with visible Living Coral interior is a unique way of livening up a shadowy monochrome theme. It keeps the room chic and modern without feeling boring.

10. Door

living coral door

Photo courtesy of decorobject.com

A simple door is the focal point of this entryway, but it’s complemented by the deep green plants and the rug full of oranges and yellows to form a happy tropical vibe. Simple mismatched elements, like the posh white bench and the wooden mask on the wall, are a whimsical way to add extra character to a small space without detracting from the bright door.

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