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Before you ask that stranger from the Craigslist ad to move in, ask them about their sun sign. No, really. Their zodiac sign can signal compatibility and personality traits that may not be immediately obvious upon first meeting.

Here are the best roommate pairings based on your zodiac sign.



You’re fun and can often distract everyone from their bad days – a great quality in a roommate. However, you’re also stubborn and conflict can often lead to temper tantrums and loud interactions.

Ideally, you should pair with an Aquarius, as they have the ability to deal with your impatience and strong-willed personality. Avoid introvert Cancer at all costs.



Those under the Taurus sign are incredibly reliable and know how to truly excel at low-key hangouts such as Netflix and take-out, and redecorating the living room. You pay your bills on time and are generally on top of things, but if you suspect that your roommate may not be, you’re quick to judge.

Pair up with a friendly Capricorn as they will love sharing a beer with you after work and help you keep the apartment clean.



You’re extroverted and always in the know of what’s happening around you – as a Gemini, you can’t sit still. Your need for order will help you stay on top of the apartment’s maintenance and cleaning. You’re a talker (and a good listener) so you may not be a fit for an introvert that wants peace and quiet.

Find yourself a Libra who will thrive as your roommate as they’re easy going, friendly and get along with everyone. They’ll be a great listener to your stories, too.



Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. As a Cancer, you’re looking for some peace and quiet in your home. You see your apartment as your hub for recharging after a long day. While your emotional tendencies can be good to empathize with others, they can be a disaster with the wrong roommate pairing.

A Taurus roommate will be exactly your speed with their reliability, respectful boundaries and low-key tendencies.



The king of the zodiac, the universe revolves around Leo. You’re the life of the party, social to the max and any roommate (or friend) would be lucky to have you by their side as you’re the most loyal. But you’re often lazy and a little selfish.

During your roommate search, look for a Sagittarius as they will love to hear your crazy stories and will even have some adventurous tales of their own. Their honesty may be jarring at times, but they’ll pick up after your forgotten messes.



You’re hard to get to know, but once your friends do, they’ll be glad they did. You’re a creature of habit, which often may not mesh well with roommates as you’re quick to judge them for theirs.

A Scorpio roommate will be open to compromising and finding the middle ground you need to live in harmony. Or if you thrive on routines, link up with a Sagittarius.



If there’s such a thing as a universal roommate soulmate, you are. Libras love people and love to hang out with their friends and if possible, merge friend circles. You hate clutter and if you’re treated right, you’ll be loyal forever.

Libras can be compatible with Leo’s lazy cleaning, but outgoing nature. While easygoing, Libras are not pushovers and you’ll stand up to Leos often annoying, selfish behavior.



You’re intense and often passive aggressive, but will stand by your friends’ side and be loyal once you fully trust them.

If you’re looking to keep your privacy and a roommate that will respect your space, steer towards a Virgo, as they love routines and will stay out of your way.



As a Sagittarius, you’re always doing something, somewhere and rarely spend time at home – which can be both good and bad for the apartment’s state.

Your adventurous spirit needs an Aries roommate to keep up with your spontaneous ideas and ongoing wanderlust. While often not considerate, an Aries roommate knows how to have fun and is easily excitable.



You’re good at spreadsheets and planning out budgets – the perfect leader for a roommate-filled household. It takes you a minute to relax, but once you do, you’re ready to party – just not in your very clean house.

Virgo’s routine-loving soul will mesh well with your love for order.



The zodiac’s best friend, as an Aquarius, you get along with nearly everyone instantly. However, your often swinging moods can affect those roommate relationships as you often crave change and variety. You may want out of your lease unexpectedly or change up the furniture constantly.

A Sagittarius roommate will be game to keep up with your antics and keep that craving satisfied – but you may have issues keeping the place organized and clean.



You’re giving and attentive to other people, making you a great roommate fit for a Cancer. You’re both sensitive, yet willing to talk. However, make sure you come up with a system to stay on top of bills and cleaning as Pisces isn’t the best at keeping up with daily routines.

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