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Awesome Pet-friendly Apartments in Boston

Known as one of America’s most iconic towns, Boston is one of those cities that simply has to be experienced to be fully understood. Embodying the hardworking spirit of the Northeast, Boston locals battle through long winters and live large during the warmer months.

Along with working hard, Boston locals also love their pets. Because of this, many apartment complexes are catering to the needs of the pet owners littered throughout the city with long lists of pet-friendly amenities designed to make apartment life with a four-legged friend easier than ever before. Find your favorite and fill out an application today.

West Square

Dog washing room at West Square

Source: Rent. / West Square

The pet washing room at West Square is on par with the facilities you’ll find at local groomers. Blue tiled walls, a deep tub with a step up to the low entry point and a grooming table with a leash attachment all combine to make this space the perfect spot to scrub your pup after a long day of play.

Located in the highly sought-after D Street / West Broadway neighborhood, West Square is only a short walk from Seaport and its pristine waterside dog-walking real estate. Whether you want to head out on a long walk with your pup or are just hoping to keep the wet dog smell out of your apartment, West Square has what you’re looking for.

Avalon Brighton

Pup in the pet spa at Avalon Brighton

Source: Rent. / Avalon Brighton

Avalon Brighton is a pet parent’s paradise thanks to the top-quality, pet-centric amenities on offer. This 180-unit Commonwealth complex boasts a state-of-the-art pet spa complete with a deep stainless steel tub, an industrial-strength dryer and enough room for your dog to get a good shake in without leaving you soaked.

Beyond that, Avalon Brighton also features an on-site, gated dog park. The park is a great place to let your dog off-leash and feel the stress of the day melt away while you watch your pup play in peace with the neighbors. That’s what apartment living is all about.


Little dog in the tub at MetroMark

Source: Rent. / MetroMark

The pet spa at MetroMark is second to none. With wall-mounted cleaning gels, a hose-style faucet and a stocked towel station, this smartly designed space has everything you need to keep your four-legged friend clean.

Beyond that, this Jamaica Plains apartment complex also boasts an on-site, fenced-in dog park. This park is equipped with agility equipment, a large muraled wall and even a display fire hydrant designed to help encourage a call from nature. Apartment life with a pup doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

The Merc at Moody and Main

Large dog shower at The Merc at Moody and Main

Source: Rent. / The Merc at Moody and Main

No, that’s not a human spa, that’s the top-of-the-line on-site dog spa at The Merc at Moody and Main. This large tiled space is complete with a deep tub for smaller dogs and a walk-in shower for larger breeds. With adjustable faucets that make washing every inch easier than ever before and drains embedded in the floors, this is the most convenient setup you’ll find to keep your dog clean while sidestepping the groomer fees.

Located northwest of the hustle and bustle of Boston in scenic Waltham, this 150-unit apartment community is also peppered with sizable green spaces all around the property. These areas are perfect for popping out with your pup in the morning before work or hanging out in the sun on a beautiful day off.

Emerson Place

dog in a fenced-in park at Emerson Place

Source: Rent. / Emerson Place

Good luck finding a better place for your pup to play off-leash in West End than the fenced-in dog park at Emerson Place. With a turf lawn underfoot, a fully matured tree on one end and views of the greenery surrounding the complex, it’s tough to have a bad time when you’re out here with your furry friend on a beautiful day.

If off-leash playtime isn’t your thing, don’t fret. Emerson Place is located in a great walking neighborhood and is just blocks away from the lush greenery of Thoreau Path and Lederman Park. Regardless of how you like to get your pet some fresh air, you can do it with ease when you call Emerson Place home.

Alcott Apartments

Two stainless steal tubs in the pet spa at Alcott Apartments

Source: Rent. / Alcott Apartments

You’ve heard of dueling piano bars, but what about dueling grooming tubs? That’s what’s on offer at the pristine pet spa at Alcott Apartments. Rolling deep with a squad of two dogs? No problem, here you can knock out bathtime faster than ever now that you have access to the facilities you need to get the job done.

Beyond the light-filled pet spa, this West End complex also features a fenced-in dog run on-site. Alcott Apartments allows up to two pets per apartment and does enforce some breed restrictions. If you are unsure about the eligibility of your pup, give the leasing office a call before you take your tour.

Avalon Residences at the Hingham Shipyard

Golden retriever in the pet spa at Avalon Residences at the Hingham Shipyard

Source: Rent. / Avalon Residences at the Hingham Shipyard

Admittedly, Hingham is about 40 minutes south of Boston. That said, Avalon Residences at the Hingham Shipyard still makes the list simply because the pet-focused facilities on-site at this 235-unit complex are too good not to mention.

This complex boasts a stellar dog spa complete with a large tub, grooming table and floor drains to make cleanup easy. It’s not an overstatement to say that your dog just might be begging for bathtime shortly after you move in. Beyond that, Avalon Residences at the Hingham Shipyard also has an on-site dog park. This gated park is a great place to let your pup roam around in peace off-leash for a while at the end of a long day.

Avalon Bear Hill

Two white dogs in the bark park at Avalon Bear Hill

Source: Rent. / Avalon Bear Hill

Avalon Bear Hill is a beautiful place for pets and their owners to call home. The on-site bark park at this Waltham apartment community is truly second to none. Filled with the type of agility equipment that can get your dog ready for Westminster, even the shyest of dogs will find something for them at this fenced-in oasis for the four-legged.

Avalon Bear Hill allows cats and dogs and accepts up to two pets per apartment unit. There are some breed restrictions, so be sure to check their website or give their leasing office a call before stopping by.

Avalon Woburn

Husky puppy on fake rocks in the gated dog park at Avalon Woburn

Source: Rent. / Avalon Woburn

The on-site gated dog park at Avalon Woburn is unparalleled. Large, well kept and stocked with the type of agility and faux-natural equipment that can keep your pup entertained for hours. There’s no such thing as a dull day for your dog at Avalon Woburn.

Located a short hop north of Boston in Woburn, this 350-unit apartment community allows up to two pets per apartment and does implement some breed and weight restrictions. Be sure to check in with the office before you take your tour if you’re nervous about your furry friend’s eligibility.

Avalon Quincy

A couple of dogs play at the on-site dog park at Avalon Quincy

Source: Rent. / Avalon Quincy

As the name implies, Avalon Quincy is located a short trip south of Downtown Boston in Quincy. This 395-unit complex is complete with a state-of-the-art, fenced-in dog park that will support hours of off-leash puppy playtime. With agility equipment sitting atop the well-manicured lawn, Avalon Quincy is a great place to be a pet parent.

Beyond the beautiful dog park, Avalon Quincy also boasts a number of non-gated outdoor spaces around the property, as well. These spaces are ideal for quick on-leash walks in the morning before work or in the middle of a cold Boston day. Regardless of how you like to hang out with your pup, opportunities to unwind with your hound abound at Avalon Quincy.

Life with a pet is better in Boston

Whether you’re hoping to make bathtime something that your dog actually looks forward to or you just want to give your furry friend a little off-leash time without having to make a trip to a public dog park, you have options all throughout the Boston area. Find the apartment on this list that meets the needs of you and your four-legged roommate and enjoy your new life in your new apartment with your old friend.

Featured image source: Rent. / Avalon Brighton


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