Awesome Pet-friendly Apartments in Miami

Miami is one of those cities that is capable of facilitating fun in the sun nearly every day of the year. With so many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors all around, the 305 is also one of the best places on earth to own a pet.

With so many pet owners flocking to the city, apartment complexes have taken notice and, as a result, developed some pretty stellar pet-friendly amenities and resources for residents and their furry friends to enjoy. From South Beach-styled pet spas to large gated bark parks and more, you'll find what you're looking for on this list.

Flamingo Point

Walking path near the water at Flamingo Bay

Source: Rent. / Flamingo Point

The lush green grounds surrounding Flamingo Point are serene, calming and an undeniably great place to take a daily walk with your dog. Located right on Biscayne Bay, there may not be a better place in the entire West Avenue area to be with your four-legged friend than Flamingo Point.

The pet spa (pictured at the top of the article) is a luxurious hound-themed hangout that just screams South Beach style. Sporting more of a beachside club vibe than a dog bath, this place turns bathtime into a VIP party. With neon signs, spot-style paint on the walls and even a few flat-screen TVs, it's easy to see why residents end up bathing their dogs more than ever thanks to this sweet setup.

Avalon Bonterra

Gated dog run at Avalon Bonterra

Source: Rent. / Avalon Bonterra

Avalon Bonterra is a 314-unit pet-friendly paradise with the type of amenities that make pet ownership downright enjoyable. Unclip your pup from its leash and watch it run free with its fellow four-legged residents around the gated dog park. Equipped with a fire hydrant, turf lawn and obstacles throughout, your dog won't want to leave this sun-kissed play area.

Located in the beautiful Miami Lakes area, this community benefits from a stellar location and is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous lakes and green spaces you'll ever find in an urban environment. That means you and your dog are never more than a few blocks away from a pristine and scenic walking spot, making it easily one of the most pet-friendly apartments in Miami.

Avalon Doral

Fenced-in play area at Avalon Doral

Source: Rent. / Avalon Doral

The sizable, fenced-in dog park at Avalon Doral is a great place to spend a beautiful day in Miami with your dog. Featuring artificial turf, timber-inspired obstacles and a small dog house, your dog will have no shortage of entertainment options while it roams around off-leash.

This Virginia Gardens complex also boasts a stellar pet spa. This area is complete with two deep low-entry tubs and hose-style faucets. A smart setup, washing your dog here is much less of a chore when you have access to the type of equipment the pros use.

Sanctuary Doral

Pebbs pet spa at Sanctuary at Doral

Source: Rent. / Sanctuary Doral

The Pebbs Pet Spa at Sanctuary Doral is one of the best-equipped pet-washing facilities you'll ever find. With a professional quality tub and dryer system, a small gated area to keep your pup under control before or after bathtime and fun pet-themed imagery adorning the walls, this is a great place to clean your pet without the wet dog smell ever entering your apartment.

Located in Doral, this 226-unit complex does not have pet limit per apartment listed. However, there are a handful of breeds that are not allowed. Be sure to check their website for that information before you schedule your tour.

Camden Doral

Bulldog on the run in the gated play area at Camden Doral

Source: Rent. / Camden Doral

The fenced-in dog park at Camden Doral is spacious, well-maintained and blessed by the ample shade coverage of more than a few full-grown palm trees. Whether your pup likes to lie down in the shade or is more of a "run around in the sun until they physically can't anymore" type, you'll both feel entirely at home in this beautiful Doral community.

Camden Doral allows up to three pets per apartment with no weight restrictions. So, if you're making the move with a four-legged friend that may be a bit beefier than the average hound, fear not, you'll be accepted with open arms (and maybe even a treat or two) at Camden Doral.

Bay Parc

fenced-in dog park at Bay Parc

Source: Rent. / Bay Parc

Bay Parc is a 471-unit apartment complex that's big on amenities and all about making life easier for the residents, both human and animal, as easy, convenient and enjoyable as possible.

The huge gated dog park at this Wynwood gem has plenty of benches covered by the shade provided by nearby trees, custom dog water fountains and more than enough room for large groups of pups to run around off-leash in peace. This on-site dog park puts many public parks and professional pup facilities to shame with its clean aesthetic and high-quality equipment.

Camden Aventura

little dog on the run in the gated area at Camden Aventura

Source: Rent. / Camden Aventura

The private off-leash dog park at Camden Aventura is all about providing your pup with the space it needs to run free and let out the pent-up energy that comes with a day spent inside. Whether you leave early for work, get home late or a combination of the two, your dog needs space to run and reengage with its animalistic roots.

This 379-unit Aventura community allows up to three pets per apartment with no weight restrictions. There are a few breed restrictions, but most pups will be happily accepted at this pet-minded community.

Waterways Village Apartments

Gated dog run at Waterways Village Apartments

Source: Rent. / Waterways Village Apartments

The private dog park at Waterways Village Apartments is the perfect place to let your dog run free for a bit without the worry of it making a break for a busy road. With artificial turf underfoot and shade from a mature tree at one end, this place is simple and serene and a great spot to strengthen your bond with your dog every day.

Located in the highly sought-after Golden Isles area, Waterways Village Apartments is dog- and cat-friendly. While the complex does not have any weight or breed restrictions listed on its website, it's probably a good idea to give them a call before your tour to make sure your pup will be able to make the move.

Design Place

Scenic grounds at Design Place

Source: Rent. / Design Place

Design Place is, as the name implies, a beautifully designed place. With unique buildings, meticulously manicured green spaces, fully matured trees and a long list of resident-focused amenities, this is a great apartment community for people and pets alike to call home.

Located in Buena Vista, this 512-unit complex boasts a stellar location just a few blocks away from Morningside Park. So, whether you're going on a short walk around the expansive on-site grounds or embarking on a long walk to one of Miami's most beloved parks, life with a pet is good at Design Place.

The Atlantic Doral

Dog agility course at The Atlantic Doral

Source: Rent. / The Atlantic Doral

The Atlantic Doral boasts a beautiful, fenced-in dog park with ramps, tubes and other agility equipment that will keep your dog entertained for hours while it roams around the bark park off-leash.

This Doral apartment community has a two-pet per apartment limit. There is also a weight limit of 75 pounds and some breed restrictions. However, with these generous guidelines, most pups will be accepted at this pet-friendly apartment community without batting an eye.

Find the pet-friendly apartment for you in Miami

Miami is one of the most scenic, active and entertaining cities to call home. If you are lucky enough to share your beachside lifestyle with a furry friend or two, your options for apartments that cater to them are plentiful. When you're ready for a change of scenery, start your pet-friendly apartment search with this list. You can't go wrong with the communities featured here.

Featured image source: Rent. / Flamingo Point

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