Keeping lush greenery in your home increases the indoor air quality and can make your space feel more welcoming. But if you’ve got furry friends roaming around you may want to be careful of the plants you choose. Luckily, there are plenty of pet friendly plants that are totally non-toxic for dogs and cats and can bring just the right amount of the outdoors into your apartment. Animals have an innate urge to chew on plants and grass, so you want to be extra careful that the greenery you choose will pose no harm to your furbabies!


Considered to be good luck, bamboo plants are an essential part of feng shui and are perfect for those of us without a stitch of a green thumb. These bad boys are virtually indestructible, making them even better for a household with furry creatures. Bamboo can grow in a small, simple vase with some pebbles and a bit of water, or in a pot with soil that stays consistently moist. Don’t have a lot of light in your apartment? Perfect! Bamboo plants actually thrive better with less light than too much of it.

Golden Palm

If you have a big enough space for a large plant, Golden Palm is pet friendly and brings a tropical vibe into your apartment. Also called Areca palms, these plants are fairly low maintenance, but do need a sunny location to thrive. Stretching up to seven feet tall, Arecas are best situated in a southern or western facing window, and need to be watered about once every 10 to 15 days. These pet friendly plants can also be purchased in smaller pots, and will grow to about 12 inches in height.

African Violet

Do you simply love the bright hues of floral arrangements? You’re in luck! African violets have a vibrant purple or blue color and are non-toxic to your furry friends. These smaller potted plants need indirect sunlight and moist soil to thrive. When you’re watering this plant, make sure to avoid pouring water directly on the leaves because it can cause spotting.

Spider Plant

Commonly known to reduce indoor air pollution, spider plants are the perfect pet friendly plant! You can hang these from the ceiling or put them in floor pots near bright light. During the summer, these plants need some extra TLC, so make sure you keep up with watering and feeding since they tend to lean toward direct sunlight. In the winter, you can back off watering, but keep the soil just slightly moist. Cats adore these plants because they’re the perfect toy to rub with their whiskers.

Cat Nip

Cat nip! Duh! You can grow fresh kitty nip in your home, just as you would grow fresh basil for yourself. While this plant isn’t toxic, you should try to keep it out of the direct reach of your feline friend because too much cat nip can make some cats aggressive.


Most Toxic Plants for Pets Include:

• Elephant ear

• Foxglove

• Mistletoe

• Azalea

• Lantana

• Aconite

• Mountain Laurel