Phoenix Neighborhoods with Great Public Pools

Part of the fun of living in Phoenix is the stunning weather: when the sun is always shining, there’s no need to stay indoors! While many Phoenix apartments feature community pools, it’s always nice have as many options as possible for beating the heat.

If you prefer to cool off with a dip in the water, you should definitely look for an apartment in one of these Phoenix neighborhoods:


The historic Phoenix neighborhood of Encanto-Palmcroft has a friendly suburban feel with close proximity to downtown Phoenix. Better yet, the district is home to one of the city of Phoenix’s public pools.

Residents of Encanto-Palmcroft take advantage of swim classes and water aerobics lessons, while some choose to support or join the community swim teams. Even more importantly, the pools host free water safety programs on a regular basis, so you can teach those kiddos how to enjoy the pool and be safe.

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While you’re there, check out the other area attractions like Encanto Park. The 222 acre park has grills for outdoor cooking, lighted softball fields, a fishing lagoon and Enchanted Island Amusement Park.

Evans Churchill

Evans Churchill is the artistic heart of Phoenix and host to regular events celebrating the arts. With its close proximity to downtown, this Phoenix neighborhood is a great spot for anyone who loves the big city but wants the feel of a smaller community.

But even art galleries can’t hide from the summer sun. When the heat gets to be too much, you can head over to University Pool and utilize a seasonal pass, which gets you unlimited swimming all summer long.

After a day of splashing around, check out one of the neighborhood’s events. One of the most well-known events in Evans Churchill is the food truck festival. You can nom on a diverse selection of grub from delectable kitchens on wheels. Or you can go the more traditional route and check out the shops and restaurants that generally stay put (except sometimes late at night when we’re not looking).


Phoenix apartments in Garfield enjoy full use of the Eastlake Swimming Pool. Yet another member of the city’s vast network of public pools, this pools keeps costs down so everyone can partake in an afternoon under the water. Whether you want to lounge or swim, Eastlake Swimming Pool is the perfect place to do meet up with friends and lather on the sunscreen.

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The Garfield neighborhood is bursting with vintage character. Known as the first suburb of Phoenix, Garfield is now part of the expanded downtown area and the neighborhood urbanized to its present state of modern apartments with historic exteriors.


Nestled against downtown Phoenix, the Warehouse district is an ambiguously defined area. Residents have called for some dramatic urbanization, which is still in the works, to bring the neighborhood to its full potential.

As it is now, the area features specialty coffee shops, venues for the arts, and restaurants a plenty. But of course, the neighborhood wouldn’t be complete without the public pool nearby. Grant Pool is located next to the park of the same name. You can plan your day around swimming and a stroll through Grant Park.

[Image Source: – San Melia, Phoenix, AZ]



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