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12.05.2018 | 1 Minute Read | By Gabrielle Sorto

Apartments don’t always have a fireplace, which isn’t an issue until the holidays when you’re looking for a place to hang your stockings. Luckily, it’s not really a problem at all! There are several other creative ways to hang your stockings in your apartment where Santa can still easily find them – without a fireplace.

1. Stocking holder

stocking holders

Probably the easiest way to hang your stockings is from a stocking holder. These standalone metal or wooden holders are pretty inexpensive and come in lots of fun shapes and sizes. Place it in your living room against a wall near your tree to complete your holiday decor look!

2. Curtain rod

curtain rod for stockings

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Add some a festive flair to your curtains for the month by hanging your stockings on the rod. Be wary of how much you (or Santa) plan to stuff them, but otherwise, this a great place for them. Working with things you already have in your space makes it easy!

3. Wooden ladder

stockings on wooden ladder

A small wooden ladder is not only a great decor piece on its own, but it can also hold your stockings. It’s also super simple. All you need to do is rest the ladder against the wall! This rustic look can stay in your home all year long. When it’s not the holidays, you can use it to hold blankets or plants.

4. String

stockings hung by string

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You can also find a spot on a shelf or just on the wall for string, where you can hang your stockings. This is super easy to do and will give the same look as stockings hanging from a mantle.

5. Knobs of a drawer or cabinets

stockings hung by knobs

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Another way of hanging stockings by utilizing furniture or cabinets you likely already have is to use their knobs. This may be a nuisance if it’s a drawer or cabinet you open and close daily, but if you happen to have knobs on something you don’t use daily, this can be a cute way to decorate.

6. Bedpost or bed frame

stockings on bedframe

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Santa can still find your stockings if they’re in the bedroom. Bring some of the holiday spirit into your room by hanging your stockings on your bedpost or from the foot of your bed frame.

There are so many different creative ways to hang your stockings this holiday season. No fireplace? No problem! Your space will look as festive as ever with these tips!

Header Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
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