Most pet owners would love to spoil their pets, but it’s not always in the budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save on pet supplies without compromising your furry companion’s well-being. Here are a few tips to cut costs:

Buy Better Brands

Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, as organic brands of pet food can be pricey, but it’s an investment. Buying food with natural ingredients fills up your pet faster with more nutrients. Cheaper brands use filler that doesn’t do anything for your pet nutritionally. All the sub-par additives in those foods may actually harm your animal’s digestive health, which could mean an expensive trip to the vet. Better to spend more now on a good brand that you know will be healthy than pay for it later. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try making your own pet food.

Less is More

Don’t overfeed your animal. The concept is simple and goes hand-in-hand with buying high-quality food. If your pet is eating nutrient-dense foods, it doesn’t need high-quantity meals. Smaller meals with all the vitamins it needs will fill it up. The actual amount of food you feed your pet depends on its size and breed, so check with your vet.

Home Grooming

Taking your cat or dog to a groomer every month can sure stack up. Rather than dumping money, take grooming into your own hands. You can give your pet a bath, trim its nails, brush its teeth and clean its ears all at home. If you’re concerned about doing it right, ask your vet to show you how. Most will be more than willing to educate you on pet care. Trimming your pet’s nails may also save you from ripped furniture or carpeting.

DIY Toys

Making your pet’s toys yourself can save you money if you love to dote. You may even have some of the supplies already around your apartment. If not, you are sure to be able to find them at dollar stores. Tennis balls, which can be bought in bulk, are great materials for DIY dog toys. Kitchen towels are also wonderful playtime additions. If you have a pet that ingests its toys, such as a rabbit, be sure the materials you use are safe for it to eat. Branches and twigs are great and can be found on a walk through the park.

Discounted Medicine

By asking your vet for a prescription and picking it upn at your local pharmacy, you could be in for savings. Just be sure to confirm the retailer’s pet pharmacy program prior to dropping off the prescription. Discount stores like Sam’s Club and Costco also offer pet essentials, such as flea and tick treatment, at a deep discount. The Advocacy for Pets and Affordable Wellness website has a list of pharmacies offering savings.

Picking up pet essentials doesn’t have to break your budget. With some shopping smarts and a little home care, you and your pet are sure to have a long, healthy relationship together in your pet-friendly apartment.