7 Reasons to Love Garden Apartments

The term “garden apartment” evokes different images to different people. To urban dwellers, it may conjure up a picture of a ground floor apartment in a brownstone building with access to a pocket-sized garden.

Garden apartments are, however, more commonly seen in suburban or urban-suburban hybrid settings. Here, you’ll find low-rise complexes situated in outdoor (garden-like) settings. These apartments often have patios which spill onto shared open space – a touch of nature in a vibrant community.

1. Easy access

There’s something to be said for having your own entrance or semi-private entrance. You don’t have to hoof your way through a lobby or traipse down long corridors. You simply walk to your front door, turn the key and you’re home.

You may have a few stairs depending on how many stories your complex is, but it can still save substantial time. That’s a shortcut you’ll appreciate many times over. On day one, it’ll also be easier to move in.

2. Parking is nearby

Often, especially with suburban garden apartments, you can park right outside your front door. That’s a touch of convenience you can get used to quickly, especially when compared to high-rises, which often have multi-story garage parking or no parking at all.

3. Doggie delight

If you have a canine friend, and the landlord allows pets, you’ll find it much more convenient to take him right out your front door when nature calls, or he’s just ready for a walk.

4. Nature on your doorstep

People dream of owning a house with a lawn, flowers and a picket fence. Being surrounded by nature’s landscapes is not only enjoyable but also can reduce stress and improve positive well-being.

With a garden apartment that’s well managed and maintained, you can enjoy the seasons – crocuses and daffodils in the spring, summer irises, the spectacle of colorful fall leaves and snow coated trees in winter. And without worrying about gardening and maintenance.

5. Meet the neighbors

With all of your outdoor activities, you’re bound to meet people and form friendships. They may greet you as they walk by when you’re sitting on your patio, or you could run into them in a common outdoor space.

6. Save on air conditioning costs

You’ve heard the saying, “hot air rises.” If you’re paying for your electricity to run the air conditioner, living at ground level can be gentler on your budget in summer months.

7. More spread out

Although you can meet your neighbors outside, garden style apartments are generally more spread out when compared to mid or high-rises where many units are stacked on top of each other.

So, next time you see an ad for a garden apartment, you might want to consider it carefully. Of course, there are many other items to consider when choosing an apartment than just building type, but hopefully now you understand the many benefits garden apartments offer.


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