5 Reasons You Should Be Using RentPay

Gone are the days of writing checks and running to an ATM to get cash. Now, you can simply send money and pay bills at the click of a button.

While electronic bill pay is common, the rental industry hasn’t quite caught up to the trend yet. In fact, a study found that only 16 percent of Americans use electronic methods to pay their monthly rent.

RentPay makes the process so much easier



That’s were RentPay comes into play. RentPay is a free, online rent collection service that benefits both renters and landlords. The service was created by Rentals.com and RentPath and aims to make monthly rental payments easier and more convenient for everyone.

Discover the top five reasons you should be using RentPay as your primary payment method.

1. Convenience and ease

Life is busy for everyone. Between working, running errands and spending time with friends and family, it’s hard to find free time at the end of each day. The last thing you want to do is spend time writing a check, finding a stamp and mailing your rent check so it’s not late.

RentPay helps cross one item off your to-do list each month. Once you sign up for RentPay, you choose your payment method, input the amount due and the due date and RentPay takes care of the rest.

The platform will send your rental payment each month to the landlord. RentPay makes paying your bills and utilities easier and more convenient.

2. Multiple payment options

When using RentPay, you have multiple payment options. No longer are you required to send in a hard copy check. Instead, RentPay allows you to pay your rent using a debit card, credit card or e-check for a minimal service fee of up to 3 percent.

If you’re old school and want to use an e-check you can still do that using RentPay. Or, if your landlord requires a hard copy check, you can still use RentPay and it’ll send a check to the landlord on your behalf.

If you like paying bills out of your checking account, you can. Lastly, if you like charging rent to your credit card to earn rewards and points, that’s an option too! RentPay allows each user to choose their preferred payment method and gives renters more options.

3. Reliable payment schedule

When it comes to paying bills and utilities, consistency is key. Some landlords charge late fees when the rent is late and making a late payment can even negatively impact your credit score.

RentPay helps avoid that problem by offering a reliable payment schedule. You input when the rent is due, and RentPay will ensure all payments are delivered on time. You’ll no longer have to worry if the rent was mailed on time. RentPay provides a reliable payment schedule, which can also help you budget for your other bills.

4. Regular notifications

One of the perks of RentPay is the notification system. You’ll receive a notification letting you know every time a payment is received by the landlord. Now, you won’t have to worry if your check arrived or if it got lost in the mail.

5. Clear payment records

Unless you keep a written record, check stubs or receipts for every bill paid, it can be hard to track payment history. RentPay keeps a digital record of every payment, making it easy for you to go back and see your payment history.

A paper trail can be useful if you ever need to show proof of payment or show a track record of on-time payments. Property managers like to see that renters are reliable and pay on-time and RentPay’s records can help prove that.

Start using RentPay now

RentPay was created with the renter in mind. It allows you to make streamlined, electronic payments in an easy and convenient way. There are also perks for landlords who use RentPay.

If you’re interested in using RentPay, you can sign up here.

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