10 Reasons You Should Hire a Cleaning Company Before Moving Out

Most moves are pretty exciting. Whether you’re heading for parts unknown or a new space nearby, the entire time is fraught with anticipation. Unfortunately, moving also comes hand in hand with a lot of decisions and some pretty significant expenses. Few, if any, people have ever been happy to fork over money for cardboard boxes or a moving truck. That said, the cost of hiring a professional cleaning company to do the move-out cleaning is entirely worth it for a number of reasons.

1. Hiring a cleaning company could help you get back your security deposit

Hiring professionals to do your move-out clean could result in quite the cash windfall. Almost all renters are required to plunk down a significant chunk of change when the lease is initially signed. This security deposit amount is usually at least a few hundred dollars, often much more depending on the size of the unit and the monthly rent amount. Make sure to get the security deposit back by hiring a professional cleaning service to do the final run-through. They know what landlords are looking for, and will make sure everything is done to their standards.

2. Cleaning services know what they’re doing

Some things really are best left to the professionals. Cleaning services have techniques down to clean all types of surfaces and are adept at getting rid of stubborn stains, buffing out scuffs and so on. Their skills have been honed over time to produce the best possible clean, whereas most lay people figure it out as they go. We’re not saying that you do a lousy job when cleaning, only that professionals do it better!

3. Cleaning companies have all the equipment and products

Most renters have a vacuum and maybe a mop on hand, but professional cleaners have commercial-grade equipment that can really leave a shine on the place. There’s no need for you to break the bank by buying a bunch of products and tools when the pros already have them.

4. You’ve got enough on your plate

Moves are fun and all, but they also come with a lot of extra decisions and responsibilities. Take cleaning an empty apartment off of your to-do list and let someone else handle it. Chances are, once the truck is loaded and the unit is empty you’ll either be too tired to clean or will have other move-out chores to handle.

5. They’ll never know Fido was there

You probably don’t even notice the smells that your dog or cat leaves behind, but non-pet owners and landlords almost certainly do. A professional cleaning service can completely mitigate the presence of pet-related odors, fur, dander, slobber and anything related to your furry friend.

6. There’s less potential for damage

Professional cleaners are far less likely than the average Joe to cause any kind of permanent damage to the place. No one wants to pay to repair something when they’re moving out already!

7. It’s not that expensive

Cleaning services often charge less for move-out cleanings because there are no furniture or knick-knacks to work around or dust. They are literally able to come in and clean a blank slate, which is a must faster proposition than a unit filled with belongings.

8. A professional cleaning company can handle extras

Many professional cleaners can also handle deep-clean needs that go above and beyond. So, if your potted plant leaked all over the carpet and left an unsightly stain, they can probably get it out better than you. This might cost a bit extra, but again the goal is to get that security deposit back, rather than forfeit it altogether.

9. Cleaners tend to know people

Perhaps there’s baseboard damage or a hole in the drywall from that party that got out of control. Cleaning companies are often well-connected in the home maintenance community, so they can usually refer affordable contractors to patch things up. This will be an added expense, but will hopefully save the ever-valuable security deposit!

10. Your reputation as a renter will shine

Down the line, you may need a reference for a future rental. Chances are, your landlord will fondly remember how spic-and-span you left the place, and will pass the details onto the reference checker.

Move out and move on

Secure in the knowledge that your one-time home is in the best shape possible, you’ll be able to move out and move on with your life. If you’re staying local, hold onto the cleaner’s card because you never know when it’ll come in handy again! A really good cleaning company is worth every penny, and then some.


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