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First Timers | 11.28.2018

33 Things to Look Out For During an Apartment Inspection

Before you move into a new apartment, you should do an inspection so you know what needs to be fixed.
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How to Make an Apartment Hunting Spreadsheet to Keep Your Search Organized

To take some of the stress out of your apartment search, enter detailed notes about each unit on an apartment
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3 Apartment Hunting Tips That Will Improve Your Sleep

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12 Must-Remember Things For Your New Apartment

Moving and unpacking can be stressful. While some of your items can stay in boxes for a while, here are
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What Is Renters Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

If you rent and are fond of your flat screen TV, mini blender and superior hot sauce collection, you might
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Setting Up Utilities in your New Apartment

Setting up utilities can be a quick and easy process if you know what to expect. Be sure to take
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How Much is a Security Deposit on an Apartment?

Wondering 'how much is a security deposit on an apartment?' tells you what to expect so you have the
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Apartment Security Deposit Explained

Here are a few pieces of information to help you understand what a security deposit is, and how it works
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15 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parents’ House

There won't be just one big, blinking sign telling you it's time to move out. There could be 15.