7 Romantic and Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Forget about the flowers and chocolates and get them something memorable. Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts that will set the mood and show how much you truly love your partner.

1. Blanket


Nobody has ever been sad about receiving a blanket as a gift. They’re like socks – you can never have too many. If you aren’t keen on getting a regular throw, instead try a toasty heated blanket or a weighted quilt.

Also known as “comfort blankets,” weighted quilts are a newer trend that reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality and boost your mood.

2. Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Waking up early and preparing their favorite meal is the ultimate display of affection, especially if they normally do the cooking. It’s a nice break from kitchen duty and few things are better than dining under the cozy covers in the morning.

3. Canvas print photo

canvas print photo

Find a favorite picture of you two together or a special place you’ve visited and have it made into a canvas print. You can make it big so they can hang it in the house or you can get a small one that they can take to work or display on a side table. It’s a sign of affection they’ll love to look at and brag about to their friends, coworkers and house guests.

4. Clothing warmer

clothing warmer

Photo courtesy of hammacher.com

Those frosty winter days may not be their favorite thing, so make them a little more enjoyable with a clothing warmer (yes, it’s a thing!). They’ll be able to use it in the morning when getting ready to head out into chilly weather or at night when slipping into pajamas and under the cold sheets.

5. Winter picnic

winter picnic

You can still relax and enjoy nature and a nice meal together, even if it’s a little icy outside. Take them to a park or mountains that are close by. Pack some hot soup and fresh, warm bread and bring a thermos of steaming coffee, tea or cocoa. Build a cozy fire (if it’s allowed) and cuddle up while you appreciate the outdoors.

6. Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp

Give them something that’s both pretty to look at and has health benefits. These lighted rocks are known to purify the air, help you sleep better, reduce stress and increase energy levels. They emit a beautiful, calming glow and can be paired with almost any room theme and decor.

7. DIY spa night

DIY spa night

Turn your own place into a luxurious spa for the evening. Draw a bath with scented salts and essential oils, light a few candles and let them relax in the tub for a while. Get a cozy plush robe to wear and give them a nice foot massage while they sip wine. Make a DIY face mask and put it on. This gift shows that you really care and are willing to put in the time to make them happy.

Header Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash
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