Roommate Problems: A Messy Roomie

You may think that keeping your apartment neat and tidy is ideal, but your roommate might have something else in mind. Most roommate problems stem from cleanliness, or a lack thereof, but it can get increasingly difficult to deal with someone who won’t pick up after themselves. If you learn to respect one another’s habits and to live peacefully together, you may enjoy apartment dwelling much more.

When you’re living with someone, chances are you don’t have the same cleaning habits. If all parties make an effort to contribute to daily and weekly chores, no roommate problems should arise. But we all know that’s a fairy tale situation. If you are living with one, two, three or more people, the chances are high that at least one person isn’t going to keep up the pace of cleaning. When you notice that one roommate is slacking, there are many different ways to approach it.

Talk it Out

This is the first step to solving your roommate problems. Carefully and casually talk to your roommates about their tidiness. If this is your first time saying something to them, they may actually have no idea how messy they are leaving the place. Maybe they never had chores growing up, or perhaps they aren’t as concerned about the situation. Bringing it up when you first notice it will make it easier for you to keep your cool so there are no looming roommate issues. If the problem continues, you may have to get sterner with them.

Stop Cleaning

If you are constantly the person cleaning up around your apartment, halting your duties may be the reality check your roommates needs to realize how dirty they are actually being. However, you want to be extra careful with this strategy, as there are risks involved. There’s a chance your roommates will not notice that you’ve stopped cleaning, or they could decide to cease picking up as well. This route is best for people whose roommates may not understand the severity of their habits.

Set Rules

Some people need to live under a set of rules, and this might be the best approach for living with uncleanly roommates. If you’ve asked them to kindly pick up after themselves, it may be time to plan a chore chart or have ground rules. Sit down with your roommates and discuss the best possible way to handle the situation to make sure that each party is happy.

But What if They are Too Clean?

If you are living with someone who is too clean, it can be just as stressful! A roommate may be worried about the cleanliness of his/her body and spend an hour in the shower every morning and evening, making water and heat bills outrageous. Or a roommate might be constantly concerned about dishes, having friends over or rigorously keeping up with chores. Whatever the case may be, if your roommate is overly cleanly, you can talk to him or her about how this is creating problems. However, you should make sure to consider your habits before approaching a roommate about their over-the-top cleanliness.

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